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Spain’s Nuveg to Launch on World Vegan Day with Huge Range of Sustainable Options

Nuveg, a Spanish brand of plant-based dehydrated food products, will debut on 1 November, to coincide with World Vegan Day.

Interestingly, the news comes from Catalonia, which recently announced the establishment of Spain’s first Center for Innovation in Alternative Proteins (CiPA), to the tune of 7 million euros.

Sustainability credentials

At its Catalonian production plant, the brand states it is committed to sustainability with 100% compostable packaging, and explains that since the products are dehydrated they do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of up to 18 months, which helps to avoid food waste.

The brand will debut with a wide range of dishes such as Protein Broth; VeggieEgg; Vegan Crepe; Veggie Burger; Vegan Meatballs; Veggie Bolognese; and Vegan Chicken Curry. The meals are made from ingredients with a high content of bioavailable micronutrients, with a high absorption coefficient, such as vitamins B, D, selenium, and zinc, among others. In addition, the products are allergen-free, gluten- and soy-free and stand out for their high protein content. The line is clean-label certified and comes in a cook-and-go format.

Nuveg debut range
© Nuveg

First of a kind in Spain

In the words of Kim Hother Sorensen, co-founder and CEO of Nuveg, “Unlike other plant-based proposals, NUVEG is the first company in Spain to opt for dehydrated solutions, which it produces in its own facilities. This gives us important advantages. The texturised product is produced using mechanical processes, avoiding the use of any chemicals and preserving the fibre from the pea and fava bean. This is why we can offer products with organic certification. In addition, there is no need to add preservatives, colouring agents or any other ingredient to improve the conservation or appearance of the product and it does not require cold storage or plastic wrapping, which radically improves sustainability and also allows us to improve the cost of the product.”

“We created Nuveg with the main objective of offering a tasty experience, with a clean, healthy label, rich in bioavailable nutrients, which is also easy for the consumer to prepare. Designed for vegans and also for anyone who wants to increase the use of plant-based foods in their daily diet,” says Sorensen.

So far, the products can be found in the online shop Medsuperfoods which specialises in superfoods, in the online natural products shop Naturitas (both with distribution in Spain and Portugal), in the ecommerce Superalimentos shop, in the online vegan products supermarket Vegaffinitty, and in the physical point of sale V-Trust and Vegan Shop, in carrer de l’Amistat, 22, in Barcelona.

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