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Squeaky Bean Innovates Yet Again with Launch of Snacks and Meal-Kits into Tesco

Squeaky Bean, a UK brand known for its market-leading ready-to-eat vegan alternatives, is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of a meal kit and a line of alt meat snacks, further enriching the UK plant-based category with interesting savory options.

The launch includes the Hoisin Duck Style Pancakes Meal Kit and a range of snack-sized offerings: Southern Fried Straws, Duck and Hoisin Style Bites, and BBQ Pork Style Rolls. These innovations stem from targeted consumer research which revealed a significant market demand, paving the way for their availability in select Tesco stores and online starting May 13th.

An impressive list of innovations and new categories

This newest launch comes as the latest in an impressive list of innovations from the brand, including, in just the past 12 months: a line of snacking sausage rolls; a deep dish pizza in collaboration with Chicago Town; Crumbed Ham Style Slices created from wheat and pea-based proteins; plant-based tuna and salmon products; ready meal protein pots; and frozen Chicken Style Pieces and Steak Style Strips.

Squeaky Bean launches snacks and mealkits
© Squeaky Bean

Responding to data indicating that 62% of plant-based consumers would welcome a meat-free duck-style meal kit from Squeaky Bean [1], the company developed the Hoisin Duck Style Pancakes Meal Kit. This meal kit, designed for two, features Squeaky Bean’s acclaimed Duck Style Pieces—known for their authentic texture and flavor—accompanied by six pancakes and Hoisin sauce, offering restaurant-quality dining for consumers at home.

The vegan snacks are inspired by statistics showing 50% of consumers are increasing their intake of plant-based snacks [2]. The Southern Fried Straws consist of wheat and pea protein pieces enrobed in a seasoned, crunchy breadcrumb coating, while the Duck and Hoisin Style Bites combine duck-style pieces with Chinese spices and Hoisin sauce, all encased in crispy breadcrumbs. Lastly, the BBQ pork-style rolls feature a flaky puff pastry filled with pork-style pieces seasoned with a smoky spice blend.

Squeaky Bean launches snacks and mealkits
© Squeaky Bean

Adding value to the category

Becky Youseman, marketing controller at Squeaky Bean, which is part of The Compleat Food Group, said: “As the number one brand in ready-to-eat plant-based pieces, we’re experts in creating amazing meat alternatives that are not only convenient, but taste just as good, if not better, than their meat counterparts.

“This is why, when we spotted demand for both meal kits and plant-based snacks, we knew we could use our expertise to add value to the category and bring excitement to more eating occasions, from picnics to fakeaways. We’re thrilled to launch these new products, making it even easier for people to enjoy plant-based and choosing it because they love it, not because they have to,” she adds.

Squeaky Bean Hoisin Duck Style Pancakes Meal Kit (200g, RRP £4.00) and Squeaky Bean dinky range including Southern Fried Straws, Duck and Hoisin Style Bites and BBQ Pork Style Rolls (all 180g, RRP £3.00) are available in selected Tesco stores and online from 13th May 2024.

{1} Vypr/The Compleat Food Group April 24.

{2} Mondelez State of Snacking 2022 Global Consumer Snacking Trends Study

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