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Stockeld Dreamery Unveils MELT: Next Generation, Ultra Meltable, Cultured Plant-Based Cheddar Slices

After four years of extensive R&D, Stockeld Dreamery, a Swedish plant-based dairy company, announces the release of its latest development in New York City: MELT, cultured plant-based cheddar slices.

MELT slices are made with traditional cheese fermentation and protein-rich pea milk. They are said to have a unique taste and texture, boasting a great cheddar flavor.  They contain 2g of plant protein per serving, which, according to Stockeld Dreamery, is higher than similar products in the market. In addition, they are free from allergens such as dairy, soy, and nuts.

Melting twice as fast

As explained by Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO and co-founder of the company, one of the exceptional features of its cheddar slices is their incredible melting properties. The slices melt twice as quickly as most top-selling cheese slices, surpassing anything currently available, according to Tavakoli.

“…we are still only scratching the surface of what is achievable

In terms of further culinary properties, the slices maintain their structure and do not break apart under pressure. They can even be flipped like a deck of cards, highlighting their flexibility and convenience for high-speed restaurant operations. Moreover, MELT has passed another food service challenge: it sticks to the patty holding the burger together.

Stockeld Dreamery Lauches MELT, cultured plant-based cheddar cheese slices -
Image courtesy of Stockeld Dreamery


Stockeld Dreamery has partnered with Gotham Burger Social Club, Five Napkin Burger, and Bronx Brewery/Bastard Burgers, where MELT is featured in various menu items, including a grilled cheese sandwich.

MELT has also launched Neat Burger (Nolita) in various dishes across its menu and in a recent brunch bagel called the ROMESS-A — a partnership with Ess-a-Bagel, Tindle, and Just Egg. Stockeld Dreamery has previously collaborated with Ess-a-Bagel to introduce its cultured non-dairy cream cheese in a sandwich called Fire in the Hole. Now, the cream cheese is served at more than 50 bagel shops.

In addition, the company has announced plans to expand its distribution in the coming months through ACE Natural, Fischer Foods, and Webstaurant to achieve nationwide availability within the next months. 

The company also plans to launch MELT in retail stores in the summer, further increasing accessibility for consumers to enjoy this melting product. To meet its production challenges, the company has partnered with contract manufacturers, including facilities for fermentation, cheese making, and slicing.

A burger patty topped with plant-based cheese
Image courtesy of Stockeld Dreamery

The third wave of plant-based cheese

Founded in 2019 by Tavakoli and food scientist Anja Leissner in Stockholm, the plant-based dairy company raised €16.5 million, led by Astanor Ventures and Northzone, with Kale United among the investors in 2021.

Stockeld Dreamery considers itself part of the third wave of plant-based cheese, which focuses on naturally fermented products that offer superior flavor, texture, and nutrition. With its innovative products, Stockeld Dreamery says it aims to capture a market that holds immense potential for growth, with 100 million people in the US already eating plant-based dairy.

“Fermentation helps bring more authentic flavor to cheese, it gives cleaner ingredient lists and increased health benefits. And we are still only scratching the surface of what is achievable,” says Tavakoli.

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