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Frozen Pizza Favorite Talia di Napoli Debuts First-Ever Vegan Margherita Pizza

Frozen pizza brand Talia di Napoli, which ships authentic handmade pizzas directly from Naples, announces the launch of its first-ever certified vegan pizza: The Vegan Margherita.  Handcrafted by trained master pizza-makers in Naples, the Vegan Margherita is described as a gourmet pizza experience that tastes just like classic Neopolitan pies. 

“We finally found an Italian supplier of the best vegan ‘mozzarella’ we have tasted”

Famous for shipping authentic, made-in-Italy pizzas straight to US customers’ doors, Talia says the Vegan Margherita features a handmade sourdough crust topped with a signature pomodoro sauce and fresh basil. The pizzas are then topped with plant-based mozzarella sourced from Italy, created from a blend of cashews and almonds. 

According to the brand, vegans and non-vegans alike will be impressed by the Margherita’s flavor and texture, and this option allows even more people to indulge in the real experience of eating true Neapolitan pizza.

Vegan Margherita Pizza
©Talia di Napoli

Freshly shipped

To freeze its products without compromising taste, the company employs a patented cryogenic freezing chamber that puts pizzas “to sleep” out of the pizza oven, ensuring freshness and flavor without preservatives. All orders are also shipped sustainably in eco-friendly packaging, as part of Talia’s commitment to being 100% certified carbon- and plastic-neutral.

The company’s founder and CEO, Edouard Freda, says it had been working hard to source a high-quality dairy-free mozzarella. 

©Talia di Napoli

The right cheese

“We’ve been sitting on launching a vegan margherita for years,” shares Freda. “While we knew this was an important pizza to have, we needed to make sure we found a plant-based mozzarella that matched the quality of the rest of our ingredients, which took a while. We finally found an Italian supplier of the best vegan ‘mozzarella’ we have tasted and knew we finally had what we needed to launch the vegan pizza everyone has been waiting for!”

The Vegan Margherita retails for $120 for a 6-pack or $144 for an 8-pack, and is available online.

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