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Target: US Retail Giant Launches Its Own Vegan and Ethical Labels

The Target Corporation is one of the largest retailers in the United States, alongside Walmart. To meet the needs of its growing customer base, which attaches great importance to vegan and ethical products, the retailer has introduced vegan labels. The labels guarantee the sustainable production and quality of a particular product. Sustainability labelling requires that the product is organic and/or vegan and has been produced under ethical conditions.

The labels therefore play a key role in allowing customers to make decisions based on their ethical and vegan principles. Accordingly, the company stated in this year’s Corporate Responsibility Report: “We believe it is important to offer products that help our customers to promote their health and well-being.” Amongst other things, selected food, beverages, food supplements and other healthy products will carry the vegan and sustainability label.

In its report, Target focuses in particular on the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture and the health risks associated with excessive meat consumption. Target made it clear that it did not want to support this excessive use of antibiotics. To reflect this stance, the company has added both Field Roast and the Beyond Burger to the plant-based options in its food department.

It’s clear that the second-largest department store in America is moving towards vegan and sustainable development, and not just from a consumer perspective. The company has also planned some strategic steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its new, long-term corporate policy also focuses on renewable energy in order to achieve the most environmentally-friendly management possible.

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