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Taste Like Launches Platform to Aid Discovery of Alt Protein Products

Taste Like, an online platform to aid the discovery of alternative protein products in the USA, has officially launched to the public. 

Founded by a team of female entrepreneurs working in the alt protein space, the new platform provides a space for consumers, food scientists, companies, and investors to learn, connect, and share information about this rapidly growing food sector.

“Alternative proteins have so much potential to mitigate food insecurity, animal cruelty, and unsustainable agricultural practices. With new products and companies launching each day, my co-founder, Maya, and I felt motivated to create an easy way for consumers to get a snapshot of the market so they can transition to alternatives more easily,” says Emily VanderMey, co-founder of Taste Like. 

Over 1000 products

Taste Like says the platform already covers 1000 product profiles, including plant-based and fermentation products and pet food

Each product is posted with photos and detailed information about its ingredients, taste, nutritional value, allergens, and availability to help consumers make informed purchase decisions. The platform also offers spaces to rate and review, compare product parameters, filter products by dietary restrictions, and participate in discussions.

Taste Like launches online discovery platform for alt proteins
© Taste Like

“There aren’t a lot of different products in stores to try, and even information about product launches is conflated with marketing and industry news,” says Justin Wilken, President of the San Diego State Alternative Protein Project. “After scrolling through Taste Like, I found a whole bunch of brands and products I’d never heard of before. It’s a great way to discover new products.” 

A communication tool 

Besides promoting novel food tech products, Taste Like encourages consumers to transition to animal-free alternatives with the necessary information to avoid disappointment and food waste.

“Considering that more than 40% of food waste occurs at the retail and consumer stages, it would be better if consumers would have the ability to at least have a consensus tool to compare flavor ratings, ingredients, and nutrition before purchasing,” says Maya Benami, co-founder of Taste Like.

And beyond empowering consumers with product information, Taste Like says that the platform will give companies, investors, and product developers access to exclusive consumer insights. 

“Based on my work at Taste Like, I believe Taste Like will be a tool that will help companies better communicate and develop their products, as the directory acts directly at the interface of interconnecting actors in the food industry,” says Luca Milgram, Taste Like category manager. 

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