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teaRIOT Energy Drinks Now Available US-Wide at Whole Foods

teaRIOT’s plant-based energy drink, which is made from natural and organically-grown ingredients, is designed to deliver positive energy without compromising on performance. The line of tea beverages is now available at Whole Foods Markets.

Healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks

“Consumers want healthier alternatives to traditional energy drinks, which contain countless processed ingredients, a high caffeine content and a lot of added sugar,” says teaRIOT co-founder Laura Jakobsen. “It’s taking a very long time for the sector to meet this demand. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with Whole Foods Market to present a better drink loaded with the positive energy of plant-based ingredients across the U.S.”

teaRIOT drinks consist solely of freshly-brewed tea and natural plant-based ingredients. They are made without the addition of sugar, questionable ingredients of unknown origin with difficult-to-pronounce names, and the high caffeine content typical of other products in this segment.

Combination of natural ingredients for slow-released energy

Instead, the founders rely on the stimulating effects of tea and its naturally-occurring caffeine. This blend is supplemented with an additional 100 mg of L-theanine, an amino acid which is also naturally present in tea and is known to steadily release energy.

It is also said to support mental alertness and concentration without compromising on performance, whether it’s for learning, gaming, work, or sports.

Drink enjoys cult status at tech companies

The company was founded in Venice Beach, California, by Jakobsen and her husband Steve, who were tired of the high caffeine content and questionable artificial ingredients in traditional energy drinks and were looking for better energy sources for their own performance.

They started adding tea to their cold-pressed juices to create a better and healthier source of energy. In the beginning, teaRIOT almost became a cult among local tech companies, whose employees relied on the drink to get through their long days of work.

Company participates in established startup program

Recently, teaRIOT was selected to participate in the Chobani Incubator to work on its product. The prestigious program supports companies specializing in specific food segments that want to offer better products to more people.

teaRIOT is derived from plant-based and organically-grown ingredients and contains no genetically-modified ingredients. The five flavours are available for $3.99 at Whole Foods Market, selected Target stores, independent organic markets, Amazon, and the brand’s online store.



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