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The Laughing Cow Plant-Based Debuts in Canada Following UK & US Launches

Bel Group Canada,  a subsidiary of the Bel Group, has announced the launch of The Laughing Cow Plant-Based on the Canadian market, adding to its growing lineup of plant-based products. This introduction follows the successful earlier releases of other dairy-free cheese products, including plant-based versions of Boursin and Babybel.

While the Bel Group announced the plant-based Laughing Cow cheese back in 2022, it held off on the release to spend more time perfecting the recipe. Finally, after further development, The Laughing Cow’s plant-based offering launched in the UK in late 2023 and hit the shelves at Whole Foods in the US this January. 

“We always collaborate […] with consumers to make sure we are getting the taste, texture, and quality just right”

The Laughing Cow Plant-Based is made with almonds sourced from a sustainable supplier in Spain. It retains the familiar triangular format of its dairy counterpart, providing convenient, individual portions that the company claims help reduce food waste. Initially, only the Garlic & Herbs variety with the plant-based recipe is available in Canada. 

The Laughing Cow garlic & herb
© Bel Group USA

Leveraging consumer feedback

Vice President of Marketing and CSR at Bel Group Canada, Marie-Eve Robert, stated, “This plant-based version of The Laughing Cow is bringing the brand’s experience and know-how in creamy, delicious spreadable cheese to the plant-based category, where a better taste and textural product experience is needed. For our plant-based offerings, we always collaborate closely with consumers to make sure we are getting the taste, texture, and quality just right. In fact, our consumers essentially serve as final decision makers in our innovations.”

According to a consumer taste test conducted among flexitarians in Canada, 94% agreed that The Laughing Cow Plant-Based is a great-tasting product, as the company reported. 

The Bel Group’s broader strategy includes a commitment to a balanced portfolio of 50% dairy and 50% fruit and plant-based products by 2030, aiming to meet diverse dietary expectations and promote sustainable food options. Since 2021, Bel Group has introduced various plant-based products, including a fully plant-based brand, Nurishh, which is available in multiple countries across Europe and North America.

The product will begin rolling out across major grocery stores across Canada, including Metro, Loblaws, and Real Canadian Superstore.

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