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The Naked Market Introduces Avopuffs! Disrupting $9 Billion Cheese Puffs Market

The Naked Market, believing that the snack is overdue a make-over, launches new avocado snack product Avopuffs.  This echoes a recent article by Forbes which reported that the $9 billion puffs and extruded snacks category in the US, is bracing itself for a number of new players, who believe the segment needs to be urgently reinvented

The San Francisco based company raised $3 million in its initial seed funding round with investors including Holtzbrinck Ventures, Econa Capital, and Sequoia Capital’s Scout Fund. Its advisory board is comprised of seasoned food & beverage executives, including Fresh Direct founder and former CEO Jason Ackerman and Gardein Protein, and Yves Veggie Cuisine founder Yves Potvin.


The introduction of AvoCrazy marks the third wellness snack launched by The Naked Market in just six months, joining Flock Chicken Chips (not vegan) and Beach House Bowls. AvoCrazy embraces the avocado’s booming popularity in the US while also entering the emerging puffed snack category. Since 2017, healthy puffed alternatives have taken over snack shelves, and avocado consumption has doubled in the last decade, reaching an all-time high in 2019. AvoCrazy is the first avocado play in the puffed category and is backed with a socially conscious mission.

The puffs are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and only 100 calories per bag. They are available in 0.8oz 8-pack ($24 SRP) in Vegan Cheddar, Vegan Ranch, and BBQ Salsa flavours on and will also be distributed in select retailers to follow.

CEO Harrison Fugman of The Naked Market commented: “Avocados are one of America’s favourite foods yet, aside from avocado toast and in salads, there has been very little innovation in how we enjoy avocados. AvoCrazy will fill that void with avocado puffs that are delicious and nutritious. The AvoCrazy product launch is the latest example of our company’s ability to create highly unique and socially driven food brands in a timely manner as we continue to make an impact on the food and beverage world.”


Commenting to Forbes, Fugman said, “Our entrance into the puffs category stemmed from the love of avocados and the opportunity we saw in ‘making avocados snackable’. Through extruding avocados, we are able to make a super tasty, savory puff that is gluten-free, vegan, and has only 100 calories per bag.”



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