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The Next Generation Plant-Based Deli Meat Company is Here – Plantcraft Announces its US Launch

Plantcraft, calling itself the world’s first clean-label, plant-based deli meat company, announces its launch after almost a year of development. We spoke with the two entrepreneurs from Europe and New Zealand behind the new brand, creating innovative lunch meats out of banana and legumes.

Plantcraft creates plant-based cold cuts, sausages, and pâtés created with green banana, golden linseed, grapeseed oil, protein from legumes and seeds, onion, garlic, herbs and spices. Its debut products launching this week are creamy pâtés in Spicy and Mild flavors, as the first of many plant-based deli meat options to follow.

Co-Founder Kati Ohens says, “We’re leading a transformation to move people away from a reliance on animal products, and awaken them to the impacts of their choices.”


Plantcraft completed the four-month ProVeg incubation program in Berlin and says it is disrupting one of the least developed categories in plant-based alternatives by making the most delicious and cleanest deli meats in the world. Founders Csaba Hetenyi and Kati Ohens told us more.

What is the USP of your products?
Plantcraft makes the world’s most delicious and cleanest label deli meats. Unique to our products is that they are free of all top 8 allergens (including soy and wheat/gluten) and made without any synthetic ingredients

What range do you have currently in the pipeline?
Plantcraft’s pipeline of products includes pepperoni, pates, salami, sliced ham, hot dogs, sausages, and more.

Why did you choose to start in the US for the launch?
With our executive team spread across the globe in Hungary, New Zealand, and the United States and our mission to protect the environment relevant across all borders, we see Plantcraft as a global company. However, we do recognize that the US has one of the most developed plant-based markets in the world and intend to commence selling there so as to capitalize on the informed and open-minded public.

Plantcraft pate

In which channels do you wish to launch?
We intend to launch our products in retail and foodservice.

Which kinds of investors are you seeking at present?
We look to partner with patient capital investors who share our values for a more sustainable and ethical world. Of particular interest are investors who have strategic networks or expertise in the packaged food industry.

What is your company aim or mission?
The mission of our company is to offer deli meats that are so healthy and delicious, that consumers don’t feel like they are sacrificing when they choose to eat ours instead of pork-based deli meats. With this goal, we hope to do our part in reducing humanity’s negative impact on our environment, on human health, and on the welfare of all farmed animals

Plantcraft Pâte will be making its US debut at Pop Up Grocer – Chicago, and hitting the shelves of Erewhon Markets (CA) in May. For more information on retail availability or if you’d like to get Plantcraft on your shelves, reach out to [email protected].

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