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The Tofoo Co Launches UK’s First Frozen Tofu, Reports 89% YOY Turnover Increase

British company The Tofoo Co has launched the UK’s first frozen tofu product. Known as Tofoo Chunkies, the company says it’s designed to make tofu more accessible.

“We know from research that this crispy format makes consumers really think differently about tofu – its taste, texture and how to use it,” said David Knibbs, founder and managing director of The Tofoo Co. “As a product, it really overcomes some of the barriers to trial and shows how truly versatile tofu can be.”

According to the company, the Chunkies can be served in a sandwich or alongside chips and peas.

The Tofoo Co, which is based in Yorkshire, has recently reported a turnover of £14.7M for 2020 — an 89 percent YOY increase. This makes it the third-largest brand in the chilled meat-free market.

Tofoo Co Full_range
©The Tofoo Co

Over a million households now regularly buy Tofoo products. The company’s unseasoned Naked block is the most popular product in the entire chilled meat-free category.

Last year, The Tofoo Co’s sales rocketed. Turnover surpassed £1M for the first time in January 2020, more than double the figure from the same time the previous year. By June, demand was so great that the company had to import machinery from Japan to keep up.

“In the last four years, we’ve been on a mission to share with consumers the incredible ingredient that is tofu,” said David Knibbs. “Through consistent innovation and a strong brand presence, we’ve built a very loyal consumer base that enjoys making delicious and wonderfully unexpected meals using The Tofoo Co. products.”

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