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The Tofoo Co Aims to “Make Tofu Mainstream” With New Marinated Range

Top-selling UK tofu brand The Tofoo Co is set to launch a new marinated range with the aim of showing that tofu is “not just for vegans”.

The range consists of two products — Smoky BBQ Strips with a barbecue-flavoured marinade and Lightly Spiced Pieces with onion, garlic, paprika, pepper, and parsley. The Tofoo Co hopes the products will attract consumers who have not tried tofu before, helping to “make tofu mainstream”.

“There are still consumers out there who are scared to try tofu”

The marinated tofu is high in protein and can be pan-fried in eight minutes. It adds to The Tofoo Co’s existing product range, which includes scrambled tofu, silken tofu, tempeh, and tofu blocks in flavours such as teriyaki and sriracha.

The Tofoo Co tofu chunks bowl on purple
© The Tofoo Co

“Perfect for tofu-phobics”

With many consumers searching for less processed meat alternatives, The Tofoo Co has seen considerable success in recent years. This June, cocktail bar chain Slug & Lettuce added two dishes made with the brand’s tofu to the menu at its 80 locations UK-wide.

In 2021, The Tofoo Co saw 89% YOY growth, making it the third-largest brand in the chilled meat-free market. The same year, the company’s unseasoned Naked block was reported to be the UK’s bestselling chilled meat-free product.

“There are still consumers out there who are scared to try tofu, put off by the thought of fiddly prep, spongey textures, and bland flavour,” said Dave Knibbs, MD at The Tofoo Co. “Tofoo’s new Marinated range is perfect for these ‘tofu-phobics’; packed full of flavour with minimal fuss required, they’ll suit everyone from tofu newbies to experienced plant-based cooks.”

The new products will launch at selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Asda stores, along with Ocado, from January.

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