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Tofurky Introduces Chorizo and Mango Chipotle Sausages in Face of Recent Anti-Vegan Press

Tofurky, a legacy brand pioneering plant-based meat since 1995, announces the expansion of its popular line of sausages with the introduction of two new flavors: Chorizo and Mango Chipotle. The latest additions increase the company’s sausage lineup from three to five, complementing its range of plant-based deli slices, tempeh, chick’n, and roasts.

The new Chorizo variant features a bold, Mexican-style flavor profile, enriched with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, designed to pair with classic Mexican dishes like beans, rice, tortillas, and nachos, while the Mango Chipotle combines ripe mango and chipotle pepper for a sweet, smoky, and spicy experience. The expansion of Tofurky’s sausage line is part of the company’s strategic move to cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers, which also included labeling products as ‘plant-based’ instead of ‘vegan,’ as they had previously.

In recent months, Tofurky has been actively engaged in legal battles against alternative meat censorship laws in the United States. These laws aim to regulate the labeling of plant-based and cultivated meat products, a move that Tofurky and the other plant-based food producers involved view as restrictive and detrimental to the industry’s growth.

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Recent media buzz

Tofurky recently gained media attention when a Washington Post representative visited its factory in Hood River, Oregon, to document the production process of Tofurky’s iconic holiday roast. The footage instantly spread across international mainstream media, featuring sensationalist headlines such as “People left feeling sick after discovering how vegan meat is made”.

However, this obvious propaganda has prompted the opposite effect in many cases, prompting readers to comment on how the process is vastly preferable to that of the practices at a slaughterhouse.  One user commented, “If you think it is gross, try watching videos of slaughterhouses.” As a long-standing player in the plant-based industry, Tofurky remains undeterred by a bit of anti-woke propaganda.

The new sausages will roll out in natural markets in Massachusetts, New York, Minnesota, and Indiana, with more locations in the pipeline.

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