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Tokyo: Family Mart Launches Vegan Steak Rice Bowls Into Over 1,900 Convenience Stores

Yesterday March 17, Family Mart Japan launched the vegan Veggie Burg-don, also known as the Soy-Patty Burger Bowl, into 1900 stores around Tokyo. A vegan version of a popular Japanese hamburger style dish, the new product uses  soybeans and roast onions to recreate the features of an flesh-based steak.

According to Japanese news platform SoraNews, Family Mart created an accompanying vegan sauce made from flour roasted in vegetable oil, tomato, mushrooms, carrots, and other vegetables, in place of the usual meat gravy sauce. The rice bowl includes stewed carrots and roasted kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and bell pepper.

The Veggie Burg-don is reportedly the first Family Mart product to receive a recommendation from the Japan Vegetarian Society. It vends for 498-yen (US$4.85) and initially will be available only in Tokyo.

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