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Trader Joe’s Expands Product Range with Vegan Almond Milk

The US food retailer “Trader Joe’s” has launched two new vegan soft drinks. The official vegan product range now includes vegan almond milk in the flavours Matcha and Blueberry-Lavender. The manufacturer anticipates that both drinks will attract more customers to its stores.

The release of the two almond milk drinks was announced on Instagram. Trader Joe’s said,”This unusual duo (sold separately) is dedicated to turning almonds into milk and skilfully refining them with matcha green tea powder or natural blueberry and lavender extract.”

Trader Joe’s seems enthusiastic about this topic; on its website, almond milk is touted as “popular since the 15th century” in Europe and China. Trader Joe’s marketing strategy includes the novel use of flavours to enhance the almond milk and the low $1.99 price at which the milk is offered. The new releases complement its already large vegan product range, which includes vegan jackfruit curry, vegan apple pie, vegan pumpkin bagels and vegan chocolates on a stick.

In Germany, almond milk is a well-known milk alternative, supplied by companies such as Alpro and Alnatura. But so far, it has remained more of a niche product, which is partly due to its relatively high price of €2.79 on average. It remains to be seen whether Trader Joe’s products will ever conquer the German market.

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