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Hooked to Launch Plant-Based ‘Salmoonish’ and ‘Fish-ish Sticks’ in Sweden

Hooked Foods, a Swedish company that develops sustainable alternatives to seafood, announces that from October 3rd two new plant-based fish products — Salmoonish and Fish-ish sticks — will be available at major grocery stores in Sweden. 

“We have been waiting for a while to tell everyone the exciting news”

Hooked Foods also reveals that its Toonish range of products (until now only available at restaurants) will join its Toonish Tomat, which has been on supermarket shelves since 2021.

Hooked was born in 2019 after Tom Johansson and Emil Wasteson were challenged to create a sustainable alternative to seafood, tasty and nutritious made with plants. Recently the company raised €10M for product development and market expansion.

Plant-based fish sticks
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The Hooked portfolio

Hooked Foods explains that it offers consumers a new way to replace fish with sustainable alternatives that do not harm the oceans and people’s health due to being free of fish, mercury and microplastics. 

The new Salmoonish reportedly has the taste and appearance of regular salmon. It is made with a patented recipe that includes soy, pea, wheat protein, and algae for a high protein and Omega-3 content, just like regular salmon, the company claims.

The new Fish-ish sticks are 100% plant-based and made with soy and pea protein. According to Hooked, they have a similar nutrition profile as fish, taste great, and are crunchy after being fried or baked. Hooked is to expand into Finland, Germany, the UK, and the Benelux economic region. Toonish flavours, Curry, Mayo, and Skagen will also be at Swedish supermarkets. 

“We have been waiting for a while to tell everyone the exciting news. Our patented plant-based salmon is unique and tastes and looks just like salmon but is kinder to the climate. We are one of the few companies globally that have succeeded with this new development. Also, we believe that our plant-based fish sticks will be a real hit for the whole family,” said Monika Werthén, Hooked Foods’ CMO. 

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