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UK: Boots Launches Limited Edition “Vegan Nation’s Favourites” Sandwiches

British pharmacy chain Boots has launched a new limited edition range of vegan sandwiches. The range is called Vegan Nation’s Favourites, containing plant-based versions of the UK’s most popular sandwiches.

The four sandwiches in the range are:

  • No Tuna & Sweetcorn — chickpeas and soy protein with sweetcorn, vegan mayo and lemon juice, on malted bread.
  • No Cheese & Onion — smoky vegan cheese with onions and mustard, on oatmeal bread.
  • No Chicken Salad — seasoned wheat gluten and soy pieces with vegan mayo, lemon juice, lettuce, and tomato, on malted bread.
  • No Duck & Hoisin — seasoned wheat gluten and soy pieces with hoisin sauce, cucumber, lettuce, and spring onion, in a wheat wrap.
Boots vegan sandwiches
© Boots

The chain has already offered vegan sandwiches and wraps for some time, including a southern fried “chicken” wrap and a vegan all-day breakfast sandwich. Last year, Boots also launched some festive vegan sandwiches for Christmas, including “No Salmon and No Cream Cheese” and “Vegan Christmas Feast”.

It joins supermarket chains such as Tesco, which have been rapidly expanding their vegan ranges to meet increasing demand — including adding new Christmas options.

The sandwiches will be available at selected stores from January 4 as part of Boots’ meal deal, which costs about £3.39 in most stores. They can also be bought individually for £3.

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