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Which UK Supermarkets Are Selling Vegan Pigs in Blankets This Christmas?

Aldi this week announces that, as it is reportedly the most popular supermarket in the UK for vegan products (whereas Lidl was found to be the most affordable for vegan Christmas foods), it is adding to its Christmas offering with new Plant Menu Ultimate No Pigs in Blankets. The discount retailer states that it projects sales of over half a million units of the plant-based bacon-encased mini sausages this festive season.

On inspection, most of the large retailers are offering a similar product this year; here we list all (to our knowledge) of the pig-free pigs in bacon products from the UK’s main supermarkets and give a comparison in terms of price and ingredient.

Aldi: Pea protein, £2.99

Plant Menu Ultimate No Pigs in Blankets: Made with Aldi’s Plant Menu Ultimate No Pork Sausages, with a base of pea protein, and wrapped in wheat-based vegan bacon. Available to buy in-store now at RRP of £2.99, 228g.

Waitrose: Mushroom, £3.50

Waitrose Party Plant Pigs In Blankets: This product entails mushroom-based Cumberland-style sausages wrapped in wheat gluten and coconut milk streaky rashers. Available now at RRP of £3.50, 220g.

Tesco & Sainsbury’s: Pea / mushroom, £5 and £4.50

Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are offering pea and mushroom-based THIS Isn’t Pork Plant Based Pigs In Blankets by the UK’s fastest growing plant-based meat producer THIS. Tesco lists the product at £5 for 190g while Sainsbury’s offers the same for £4.50, currently showing out of stock online at Sainsbury’s at time of writing.

THIS Isnt Pork Pigs in Blankets
© Tesco

M&S at Ocado: Mushroom / soy, £5.50

Plant Kitchen Vegan Pigs in Blankets: M&S at Ocado lists two formats: 12 portions of mushroom and soy sausages in vegan bacon at RRP £5.50, 258g, and also a variety pack M&S Vegan Pigs in Duvets Selection Pack (featured image) which entails 6 mushroom and soy sausages in vegan bacon and 6 chorizo style sausages encased in pastry at RRP £5.50, 324g.

ASDA: Soy, £3

Plant Based by ASDA 10 No Pigs in Blankets: Part of the OMV range, approved by The Vegan Society, these are soy-based cocktail sausages wrapped in wheat-based bacon, at RRP of £3, 210g, currently stating out of stock at time of writing.

Sainsbury’s: Mushroom, £3.75

Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers Pups In Blankets: The supermarket’s own brand vegan range consists of peppery “shroomdog” mushroom-based sausages wrapped in vegan rashers made with wheat gluten and coconut milk. RRP £3.75, 241g.

COOP: Mushroom, £3

Co-op GRO No Pork Pigs in Duvets: Mushroom-based sausages wrapped in puff pastry with smoked paprika. RRP approx £3, 280g, available in some stores and currently listed as out of stock online.

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