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Ulrick & Short Launches Vegan Egg Substitute

Ulrick & Short develops and manufactures clean label ingredients for the food industry, and is now an international leader in the field. Recently, Ulrick & Short introduced a new vegan egg substitute called Ovaprox, a combination of ingredients designed to reduce the amount of eggs required in a recipe.

Ovaprox is made of wheat and maize, and is a low-cost, clean alternative to eggs or egg powder. Ovaprox can be used in a variety of ways and provides manufacturers with a competitive alternative to conventional products.

“Although recent price fluctuations may be stabilising again, egg prices have historically been volatile due to the nature of the market,” said Robert Lambert of Ulrick and Short in an interview with FoodIngredientsFirst. “But even if controls in the egg sector improve, future fluctuations cannot be ruled out. Our customers’ demand for eggs has risen significantly. This is mainly due to price fluctuations in recent months, and manufacturers have found Ovaprox to be a competitive and price-stable alternative. The growth of veganism in recent years has also forced manufacturers to look for egg alternatives, and Ovaprox is vegan.”

Ovaprox has already proven itself to have a variety of uses. These include baked goods such as muffins, cakes, and pancakes, but also products such as mayonnaise. In addition, Ovaprox is not genetically modified and is heat-stable, making it suitable for all factory processes.



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