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United Kingdom: White Glo’s Vegan Toothpaste from Australia

“White Glo” is one of the leading toothpaste manufacturers in Australia. With its White Glo’s Pure & Natural toothpaste, the company is entering the vegan toothpaste market and presenting its new product in the UK for the first time. The vegan, gluten-free toothpaste uses only organic ingredients and is the result of years of research by dentists. In addition, each pack of toothpaste contains a free environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush.

According to the manufacturer, the tooth whitening toothpaste is high-quality, healthy and natural. It is also free of chemicals, fluoride, peroxide and bleaching agents. Unlike conventional toothpastes, White Glo’s Pure & Natural does not use any harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), hydrogen peroxide or triclosan. Instead, the vegan toothpaste contains a mixture of natural and healthy ingredients that can whiten teeth without chemicals. It also helps to remove stains and plaque from teeth without damaging the enamel. The company has even received a seal of approval from the Australian Dental Association for the innovation and effectiveness of its oral care brand.



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