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Korea’s Unlimeat Announces US Launch of Plant-Based Beef and BBQ Pork In Times Square Ad

Unlimeat, one of Asia’s leading meat alternative brands, is celebrating the launch of US sales with a new billboard in New York’s Times Square.

Unlimeat’s popular products will now be available through Wooltari Mall USA, a top e-commerce platform for Korean goods.

Unlimeat Plant-Based Beef and Pork

A different kind of beef

Owned by the Zikooin Company, Unlimeat specializes in thinly sliced plant-based beef and roasted pork made with proprietary extrusion technology. To recreate the taste and texture of meat, the company says it uses natural ingredients such as soy and pea protein, coconut oil, cacao powder, and rice flour.

Unlimeat bulgogi

Unlike most leading meat alternative brands, Unlimeat’s products cater specifically to the Asian market, particularly Korean cuisine, where dishes like bulgogi and BBQ meats form a significant part of the country’s food culture. 

While Unlimeat’s range also includes minced meat and burger patties, the brand’s innovative sliced beef has attracted the most attention, earning glowing praise from UK’s FoodTech 500 and France’s Monde Selection 2020.

A globalization strategy

In November, Unlimeat’s parent company secured 28 billion Won (about $23 million) to construct one of the largest plant-based meat factories in Asia. Unlimeat has already partnered with Subway and Dominos Pizza in South Korea and plans to partner with additional restaurants in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Australia. 

To grow its US presence, Unlimeat first intends to establish online sales, before gradually collaborating with restaurants on new menu items, and eventually entering brick-and-mortar retail stores. 

Unlimeat Beef Plant-Based

With the US launch, Unlimeat’s innovative beef and pork products may forge a brand new trend in the alternative meat industry. 

“We plan to expand in the US market in earnest by securing a supply chain and logistics network mainly on the West Coast first. We want to provide more options to the American table through our Asian-style plant-based meat,” said an Unlimeat representative. 

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