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Cargill Launches Vegan Chocolate Range ExtraVeganZa, First Chocolate to Use Sunflower

Global food corporation Cargill has unveiled its new vegan chocolate range, ExtraVeganZa. The range uses new plant-based “power ingredients”, such as sunflower powder and rice syrup, to “bring out the absolute best in vegan chocolate”.

Sunflower provides creaminess

According to the company, sunflower powder helps to give the chocolate a smooth creaminess, while rice syrup adds sweetness and a “snap” to the texture. Cargill claims it is the first company to use sunflower powder in vegan chocolate.

Cargill states that during taste tests, ExtraVeganZa consistently outperforms regular chocolate. The product is suitable for a range of applications, such as confectionery and bakery products.

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Growing demand for vegan chocolate

Until relatively recently, vegan chocolate was a fairly niche product. But that has begun to change, with Cargill reporting that the number of consumers interested in plant-based chocolate is now twelve times the number of vegan consumers.

Recent research by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut found that almost three-quarters of younger consumers eat plant-based chocolate at least occasionally, up from 25% just two years ago. The market for vegan chocolate is expected to be worth $1.41 billion by 2028, growing with a CAGR of 14.8% over the forecast period.

“Vegan claims are popping up everywhere, as consumer preferences shift toward products they perceive as better for themselves and the planet. In response, many of our confectionery, bakery and dairy customers are exploring vegan formulations,” said Ilco Kwast, commercial director at Cargill. “As their long-standing partner, we wanted to make sure they’re equipped with great chocolate that satisfies consumers’ sweet expectations, while also living up to their desires for more plant-based choices.”



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