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Vegan Marshmallows Arrive in Sainsbury’s in Time For Halloween & Guy Fawkes

Award-winning confectionery brand Free From FellowsTM announces that its vegan marshmallows will debut in Sainsbury’s this Sunday 17th October, in time for Halloween and Guy Fawkes night festivities. Three new products will be available – large mallows in vanilla and strawberry flavours and mini pink and white mallows in vanilla flavour, all retailing at £1.50.

The demand for vegan-friendly confectionery continues to soar in international markets. As we reported in January, the UK’s largest confectionery retailer, Hancock’s, added 300 lines of vegan sweets to its 14 cash and carry stores across the UK, to keep up with demand. In May, Hancocks expanded its vegan offerings even further, commenting that the country’s vegan market was growing at an “exponential rate”.

In line with Free From Fellow’s focus on the avoidance of allergens, the mallows are free from dairy, soy, nuts, gelatine free and absolutely all animal ingredients. Other products in the Free From Fellows range include sugar-free gummy bears, midget gems, cola bottles, pear drops, rhubarb and custard and mixed flavour lollipops.

Co-Founder at Bravura Foods, Karl Morris comments: “This was a natural progression for the brand as we look to satisfy the needs of more vegans in the UK with our successful and popular growing range.”

Co-founder Lisa Gawthorne adds, “These mallows taste totally amazing and the launch is timed perfectly for Halloween and bonfire activities to make sure nobody is left out at those key occasions.”

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