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Vegan Piranha, Anyone? WOOP4 Arrives on the Alt Seafood Scene with Innovative Fish Alternatives

WOOP4, a new plant-based food company, arrives on the Canadian market this week, debuting with a new line of 100% vegan and allergen-free fish alternatives including vegan piranha (also the name of a hardcore punk band, apparently).

The product line includes plant-based versions of popular fish such as salmon, smoked salmon, and tuna, as well as innovative options currently untapped in the market, like tropical piranha and mahi-mahi.

These products are designed to replicate the taste and texture of their conventional counterparts and are free from allergens like soy, gluten, peanuts, nuts, dairy, eggs, sesame, or mustard, which serves as a main selling point for the brand. Additionally, WOOP4’s offerings contain omega-3, vegetable proteins, and other nutritional benefits.

The company’s new fish alternatives are available in both filet style, for sashimi or sushi, or in cubes for use in poke bowls. Alongside this product launch, WOOP4 is also introducing a range of vegan mayonnaises with the following varieties: regular, soy (without soy), pineapple, peanut (without peanuts), sesame (without sesame), sriracha, and maple.

WOOP4 fish alternatives

Konjac in plant-based seafood

Konjac serves as the base for many of the WOOP4’s alternative fish products, along with ingredients like rice protein, flaxseed oil, and carrageenan, extracted from seaweed. Konjac is a root vegetable grown in parts of Asia that has gained popularity in the plant-based seafood industry, serving as the base for many alternative seafood products.

With a texture similar to that of fish, companies like Boldly use konjac for plant-based calamari, crab sticks, and white fish filets. Kikka Sushi and Konscious Foods also craft their alternative fish with konjac, and Singapore’s HAPPIEE! uses konjac flour for its alternative fish range.

WOOP4’s products are now available online, with delivery across Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime provinces, with options for wholesale distribution and retail purchase at select outlets in Quebec.

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