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Vegan Tuna Alternative TUNO Launches at Co-op Stores in the UK

Vegan tuna alternative TUNO, made by US brand Loma Linda, is to roll out at 500 Co-op stores in the UK. Two flavours, Thai Sweet Chilli and TUNO & Mayo, will be available.

TUNO is already stocked at major UK retailers such as Asda and Morrisons, and Loma Linda hopes the Co-op listing will further increase sales and help build a stable growth platform.

“We are thrilled to announce Loma Linda’s TUNO will now be available to purchase in Co-op stores nationwide,” said Mike Easterbrook, European Agent at Atlantic Natural Foods (owner of Loma Linda). “As one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, we’re hoping to give more consumers the opportunity to try our plant-based products, while also contributing to tackling wider issues such as overfishing.

Good Catch Tuna
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Vegan tuna in the UK

UK shoppers can now choose from a range of vegan tuna products. These include:

  • TUNO. Available at Morrisons, Asda, Co-op and some smaller retailers, this tuna typically retails at about £1.50.
  • Future Tvna. Made by Future Farm, this vegan tuna is fortified with algae oil to replicate the nutritional value of conventional tuna. It is available at Sainsbury’s for £2.90.
  • Good Catch. This US brand first entered the UK when it rolled out at Tesco stores in 2020. Flavours include Naked in Water, Mediterranean-Inspired, and Oil & Herb. The vegan tuna retails at £2.50.
  • Marigold Vegan Tunah. Available at some health food stores and online, this soy-based tuna alternative costs about £3.50.
  • Plant Pioneers No Chuna. Sainsbury’s private label tuna alternative is the cheapest available at £1.

Some UK restaurants and cafes are also now offering vegan tuna. Starbucks recently launched a limited edition TuNAH sandwich made with The Vegetarian Butcher’s plant-based tuna flakes, while Japanese-style restaurant chain Wagamama offers watermelon-based vegan tuna.

“The watermelon tuna dish is all about innovation and creating exceptional vegan food for our guests. The joy of being able to produce really cool food that is both vegan and tastes fantastic at the same time is what it’s all about,” said Wagamama chef Steve Mangleshot.

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