• Veganwear: Vegan Business Bags for Fashion-Conscious Men

    The American textile company “Veganwear” launched its new vegan product on June 29th. With the new “Gentleman’s Bag” briefcase, the company from Philadelphia offers vegan businessmen an optimal opportunity to enhance their appearance whilst simultaneously showing how to dress ethically and sustainably as a businessman.

    The product’s uniqueness is due to the fact that it is free of any animal experiments or animal ingredients. Likewise, ethical working standards have been adhered to in its production. The product has been extensively tested for quality and durability by Yastermsky, CEO of Veganwear.

    The vegan bag was made for modern businessmen who do not want to use animal fabrics in their clothing. The vegan-friendly clothes allow customers to make a statement against the unethical treatment of animals in the textile industry.

    Veganwear aims to make a difference in the world through its vegan clothing. The company deliberately works with a fair and ethical factory to ensure that all products are free of animal ingredients and unethical working practices.

    The vegan business clothing manufacturer for men has spent 6 months working on the production of the new vegan Gentleman’s Bag. The business bag is now ready for mass production and is available in two colours, with many practical pockets and other features. The vegan bag is water-repellent and provides enough space to store electronic items such as laptops, and to store several items at the same time.

    Since the company is still operating in a niche industry and does not yet have enough resources to bring an entire vegan clothing line onto the market, the company is currently still collecting donations via the crowdfunding platform “Indiegogo”. Despite the fact that the company is still in the initial stages, it regularly donates 5% of its profits to various animal rights organisations.

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