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Vgarden Launches “Game-Changing” Vegan Tinned Tuna for B2B

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Israeli manufacturer Vgarden announces the launch of a 100% vegan tinned tuna for the global B2B food market. The Israeli food-tech claims the NPD offers the same appearance, texture, aroma, and flavour as the regular canned staple. 

Ilan Adut, Vgarden’s CEO, states: “Our tinned tuna has a distinct flaky, yet moist and chewy texture, with a powerful fresh-from-the-sea aroma.”  

Responding to a planetary need

Canned tuna is a popular source of affordable protein conveniently stored without refrigeration. But according to a UN report, tuna is the world’s most consumed fish. Tom Rothman, head of global sales at Vgarden, says that overfishing has dwindled numbers of various species, such as the yellowfin and the Atlantic bluefin, to the edge of extinction.

vegan tinned tuna product made by israeli manufacturer vgarden
© Hagit Goren

With the global tuna fish market projected to grow from USD 41.06 billion in 2022 to USD 49.70 billion in 2029, Vgarden says its vegan tuna will be a “game changer” for sustainability-driven consumers looking for a replacement for the overfished and declining ocean populations of wild tuna.

After 12 months of R&D, Vgarden’s team developed a plant-based and vegan tuna formula using pea protein, fibres, and sunflower oil which offers an 11.2-14% protein content. The company says that the challenge was to retain tuna-like flavours and texture after high-temperature sterilization and canning.  

The vegan foods manufacturer states it is filing patents for the plant-based tuna’s sustainable and clean label formula and its manufacturing processes, which involve minimal energy consumption.

Vgarden’s portfolio provides the plant-based food market with various alternative products, including plant-based cheese, meat, and fish. Its products are sold across Israel under its popular MashuMashu brand as well as in Australia, Canada, and Asia.

The company has a collection of firm cheeses that manufactures in Israel and Australia, where it operates in a joint venture with Cale and Daughters. In November, the company partnered with microalgae specialist Brevel to make a high-protein microalgae cheese that will be introduced to global markets in 2023.

Turning the tide on this ecocatastrophe

“Tuna species extinctions pose problems in terms of food security and negatively impact the delicate and fragile balance of the marine environment. Our plant-based tuna solution can help turn the tide on this ecocatastrophe and contribute to the restoration of the ocean’s wild tuna populations.”

Vgarden’s vegan tuna is available in two packaging formats: traditional shelf-stable tins and pouches for the chilled sections. The private-label product is already rolling out for retail and food service. 

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