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Vivera Launches Vegan Steaks in the Netherlands and Belgium

The Dutch food manufacturer “Vivera” is unstoppable. In May, the company joined forces with Tesco to bring the world’s first vegan steaks to British supermarkets. In the first week alone, 400 Tesco stores sold 40,000 of the steaks. But the vegan manufacturer intends to continue their success, and will be bringing its steaks to Dutch and Belgian stores on June 11th.

The domestic market is very promising for Vivera. To make the country’s food system more sustainable, in April the Dutch Council for Environmental Infrastructure called on the government to proactively help people reduce meat consumption.

Whether the introduction will be as successful as in Great Britain remains to be seen. “We are facing some challenges in making this introduction as successful as it was in the UK market, but I am sure that we will accomplish it with the help of Vivera’s round the clock team and the understanding of our customers,” says Gert Jan Gombert, CCO of Vivera.

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