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Walmart Launches Vegan Tuna

Atlantic Natural Foods based in Nashville, North Carolina, has teamed up with Walmart to launch its line of Loma Linda vegan plant-based tuna in the USA.

The new tinned range includes three flavours: spring water, lemon pepper, and sriracha. There are also pouch versions which include sesame ginger and chipotle flavours.

TUNO is trans-fat and cholesterol free and contains 8-20 per cent less sodium than conventional tuna products. Made from non-GMO soy protein, the products are also gluten-free, with the tins containing just 40 calories per serving

Loma Linda has produced sustainable plant-based foods for over a century originally to serve the Seventh Day Adventist community, which abstains from meat. Its range includes complete heat and eat meals, canned tuna and meal starters like Chipotle Bowl with black beans.

Loma Linda is part of a new wave of plant-based seafood products making their way into homes and restaurants across the world, as the demand for plant-based options skyrocket globally.

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