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Wamame Launches ‘Waygu’ Beef at Germany’s Biggest Sushi Chain Eat Happy Group

Canada’s Wamame Foods announces the launch of its ultra-premium Waygu plant-based meat at Germany’s largest sushi concept, Eat Happy Group, marking its debut on the European market.

“This is hopefully just the first step in a larger European expansion in the coming years”

The introduction of Wamame’s Waygu will begin as a limited store trial with the potential for a larger rollout across Europe; Eat Happy operates as individual restaurants or independent kiosks within major grocery store chains in over 2500 locations across six countries.

Waygu Beef
©Top Tier Foods

Showcasing Waygu at TED2023

Waygu’s launch in Germany coincides with Wamame Foods’ partnership at next week’s TED2023 flagship conference in Vancouver. 

After a hugely successful introduction at last year’s TED2022 (where Elon Musk and Al Gore tasted Waygu), the world’s top business leaders, tech innovators, and A-list celebrities will be able to try Waygu beef’s plant-based alternative at this year’s TED event, “Possibility”. 

TED2023 will highlight some of the world’s most important food brands, as they have done yearly through their Innovation Showcase, which has been instrumental in introducing brands such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, explains Wamame.

“To be able to showcase Waygu at one of the world’s greatest culturally significant events in the TED flagship conference and to a whole new audience of customers in Europe simultaneously, is a wonderful opportunity to provide an experience to a range of new potential plant-based enthusiasts,  said Blair Bullus, founder and president of Wamame.

“To our new friends in Europe, we are excited that we get to share something with you that leads the trend of plant-based culinary innovation.”

Wagyu Japanese plate from above
©Top Tier Foods

A larger European expansion

“We can’t be more excited to have our first launch into Europe be with one of the largest and most respected Japanese Food brands in Eat Happy Group. We have had many Germans who have reached out to us over the years and to finally be able to provide them with a great national option for them to try Waygu is a dream come true,” Bullus added.

Described as a premium alternative with “unprecedented texture and taste”, Waygu is claimed to have the same tenderness, flavor, and aroma as Japanese beef. 

In 2021, Wamame Foods (a subsidiary of Top Tier Foods) raised $7.6M to expand its product line and research other high-quality beef alternatives to be sold under the Waygu brand.  In 2022, Waygu debuted to US retail consumers via GTFO It’s Vegan. And in December, Wamame Foods announced a new partnership with several Canadian food companies to develop and distribute its products.   

A nationwide launch in various 7-Eleven Canada locations to increase sustainable, vegan options across Canada and to expand the brand’s presence in food service took place this January. 

“This is hopefully just the first step in a larger European expansion in the coming years, but for now we want to focus all our attention on making sure Eat Happy is supported in executing a great plant-based vision for their amazing clients,” Bullus concluded.

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