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Wheaty “Redefines the Vegan Sausage” in Celebration of 30th Anniversary

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the pioneering vegan meat brand Wheaty has announced new NPDs — two bratwurst-style sausages — that will be unveiled at BIOFACH 2023 this February in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Two upcoming Wheaty products redefine the vegan sausage – again,” declares the German brand.

“Wheaty is an uncontested trailblazer in the organic and vegan scene”

“These two products set themselves apart from legacy vegan sausages through an incredible taste, unmatched juiciness, and an edible vegan peel that can be fried in the pan along with the sausage,” says Wheaty.

Wheaty sausages
© Wheaty

Europe’s alt meat pioneer

The Wheaty brand was developed by TOPAS, a European pioneer in the alt meat space, offering meat and sausages made with organic wheat protein, founded by Klaus Gaiser way back in 1993.

According to Wheaty, the brand’s commitment to following EU strict organic standards — a “rarity in an age when many non-organic manufacturers use a wide range of not exactly natural”— makes it today’s organic retail flagship brand in Europe.

Wheaty's banner
© Wheaty

TOPAS, with its consumer brand Wheaty, has remained a family-owned company with headquarters and manufacturing operations in Germany. It sells its products across Europe and offers an “unrivalled” product range, including salami, smoked ham, smoked bacon, chorizo slices, cold cuts, Gyros kebab, Döner kebab, medallions, BBQ mix, burger patties, steaks, and various types of sausages.

At BIOFACH 2020, Wheaty also unveiled new developments, TexMex burgers and Sucuk cold cuts, both made with wheat proteins such as Japanese seitan, which gives the brand’s plant meat its realistic bite.

Wheaty is an uncontested trailblazer in the organic and vegan scene in the German-speaking countries as well as beyond. Back then, creating meat alternatives from plant proteins that could hold their own with actual meat products in terms of taste and texture was a novel concept – one that has certainly had a huge influence on the mainstream adoption of animal- and climate-friendly options that we are witnessing today. The time when vegan meat alternatives were niche products are long gone,” says Wheaty.

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