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While Burger King Opens 100% Vegan Location in Germany, Burger King France is Just Introducing its First Veggie Burger

Last week, Burger King announced the opening of a 100% plantbased popup location in Berlin. Shortly afterwards, Burger King France announced the launch of the Veggie King, a vegetarian burger created in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, the Dutch brand

However, while some people are pleased with this progress, others deplore the fact that this burger is not vegan because it contains cheese. On Twitter, one can read: “Might as well make it vegan, right? It’s about time.” or “A veggie burger! Seriously!?! What a bunch of players. A vegan burger was too dangerous? Pay for the courage and innovation with a veggie in 2021.”

Burger King France
© Burger King France

Indeed, many comments from internet users highlight the fact that France is still far behind consumer demands and the vegan offers already available in foreign Burger King fast food restaurants.

Fortunately, the feedback from consumers who have already tasted this burger is very good, praising the R&D efforts that have resulted in a delicious mince that is said to mimic animal meat very well.

In addition, Burger King France’s Instagram post highlights Burger King’s ability to change its mind and innovate. And in the meantime, for those who want to eat vegan burgers, there are 100% vegan French chains such as Hank Burger, Vélicious Burger or Furahaa to GO as well as foreign chains such as Copper Branch, recently acquired by Montreal based Foodtastic Inc..

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