• Yarrah Launches Wheat Free Vegan Dog Food

    Yarrah is the first pet food producer in the Netherlands whose product range is entirely organic, and it has been producing dog and cat food since 1992. Three years after the company was founded, they introduced a vegan range in both wet and dry food for dogs. Yarrah says that currently they see more and more vegetarians and vegans making the choice to feed their dogs with a meat free diet.

    The plantbased product range for dogs consists of dry food, wet food and snacks, which uses soya as the most significant source of protein. Proteins are one of the most important sources of energy for animals, and when plant proteins are rendered soluble in a certain way, dogs are readily able to absorb them and convert them to energy.

    The Dutch company also says that their focus is on sustainability: “More and more we realize that the production of meat has an impact on our environment, such as increased levels of greenhouse gases, high water consumption, and more space needed for the cultivation of food for livestock. As dogs are generally being fed high amounts of meat, they also contribute to the effect the meat production has on the environment.”

    Now Yarrah has launched a wheat free product called Vega Wheat Free. “The new variant is ideal for dogs that have difficulties with animal proteins, and also have trouble digesting wheat gluten,” said  Elise Ziere from Yarrah. The protein in this kibble food comes from soya beans and white lupine, which have been rendered soluble to enable better digestion. The organic peas in the kibble are gluten free and provide an extra source of fibre. They also help to keep blood sugar levels down. The added organic coconut oil provides extra energy, while added vitamins such as vitamin B12, taurine and L-Carnitine help reduce the chance of heart defects. The animal-based vitamin D3 has been replaced by the plant-based vitamin D2 to ensure a 100% vegan kibble.

    Vega Wheat Free is available in stores now.

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