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Yemoja Uses Red Microalgae to Develop “Bleeding” Burgers

Yemoja, a marine ingredient startup from Israel, has developed bleeding vegan burgers using a red microalgae formulation. The innovation paves the way for medium-rare style plant-based burgers and steaks with added authenticity, as well as a clean substitute to heme. 

As microalgae ingredients increasingly gain traction in plant-based food, Tel Hai-based food tech Yemoja is poised to become a player in the space with its new formulation – named Ounje – which mimics the red juices of real meat without artificial color additives. Yemoja primarily cultivates high-value, standardized microalgae bio compounds for the nutraceutical and cosmetics B2B sectors.

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Providing a nutrient-packed medium for rendering the sensory characteristics of animal meat for plant-based meat and cultured meat products, the deep red algae is grown indoors in precision photobioreactors and show the potential to act as a natural, clean, and 100% plant-sourced heme substitute to serve the cultured meats and plant-based alt meat sectors.

Microalgae Future Food

Microalgae production allows high concentrations of bioactive compounds with minimal ecological footprint and uses minimal resources. The highly sustainable crop boasts a 20%-30% protein load and the complete essential amino acids profile. For these reasons and more microalgae is fast growing a reputation as a superfood ingredient. 

Yemoja Microalgae Indoor Precision Photobioreactors
Indoor Precision Photobioreactors ©Yemoja

As well as Yemoja, other brands in the emerging space include Sophie’s Bionutrients – which has recently developed a microalgae-based cheddar cheese. In addition, NØKO FOODS from France develops microalgae sports nutrition products.

“The demand for clean, naturally sourced alternative proteins that can dually exert a less harmful impact on the environment is an internationally sought venture,” stated Erez Ashkenazi, co-founder and CEO of Yemoja. “Our advanced patented cultivation system offers a high-value yet cost-effective solution that can be easily scaled up to the unique needs of the various alt protein/meat producers to help bolster this rapidly growing category.”

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