Soy-based vegan ice cream launched by Dairyland

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The Dairy-Free Dream: Dairyland Launches Vegan Ice Cream in Kenya

Dairy products company Dairyland, which claims to be Kenya’s ice cream leader for over 25 years, has recently launched a new range of vegan ice cream.   To celebrate the new product, Dairyland launched a campaign called The Dairy-Free Dream, inviting those with lactose intolerance to finally indulge in the treat of their dreams. Soy-based, the new vegan ice cream range includes five flavors: vanilla, strawberry, cappuccino, brownie, and hazelnut. This initiative allows Dairyland to meet the evolving needs of consumers, especially dietary needs and values, while aligning the company with the global shift towards health, wellness, and environmental awareness, reported the local media outlet Pulse Live. “Our Vegan Ice Cream is a game-changer for individuals who are lactose intolerant. They can now indulge in their favorite frozen …