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Tapping into Nigeria’s Plant-Based Food Market

With a rich food heritage, developing economy, growing bank of F&B innovators, and impressive population growth, Nigeria is one to watch as our world strives to transform the food system. Though ripe with potential, the African country’s market for plant-based foods has only started to take off recently, with first-mover VeggieVictory securing the spot as Nigeria’s earliest plant-based restaurant and brand. In its latest New Food Hub interview, NGO ProVeg International caught up with the Founder of VeggieVictory, Hakeem Jimo (also the new director of ProVeg Nigeria), to learn more about the African country’s food industry. An entrepreneur of many talents, Hakeem shared valuable lessons and insights into unlocking Nigeria’s plant-based food industry. Let the food do the talking “It was a bit crazy,” Hakeem …


ProVeg international opens new office in Nigeria to promote the benefits of plant-based diets

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

ProVeg Kickstarts the Plant-Based Revolution in Nigeria

Global food awareness organization ProVeg International announces the launch of its first office in Nigeria to help transform the food system in the world’s third fastest-growing country by population. As a new food awareness organization in the country, ProVeg Nigeria will promote the benefits of healthy and climate-friendly diets by showcasing the deliciousness of plant-based foods, joining the global team on its campaign to replace animal consumption with alternative protein by 50% by 2040. In 2021, ProVeg launched the ProVeg Africa Accelerator planting the seeds of the plant-based movement across the continent.  Hakeem Jimo, the new country director of ProVeg Nigeria, said: “I’m truly thrilled about the opening of the ProVeg Nigeria office and the impact we will have in raising awareness about the need to …


Fresh African Vegetables on Market Stall in London

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Studies & Numbers

High Demand for Plant-Based Meat in Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt, Says New Study

A new study has found high demand and consumer acceptance of plant-based meat in a range of African countries, particularly Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt. The results suggest a viable market-based solution to mitigate the effects of rising meat consumption and accelerate the emerging alt protein sector across the continent. The new study, from US-based North Mountain Consulting Group and South Africa’s Credence Institute, found that four out of five Gen Z and Millennials are highly likely to try plant-based meat in Kenya and Nigeria, while in Egypt, three out of five are highly likely to try. Africa has historically been susceptible to food security disruptions, with plant-based solutions a potential source of increased food security. The data shows how lower-middle-income families are an important emerging …



On Being a Black Vegan, Seeking Black Vegan Business to Support

Being Black and Vegan is nuanced. First of all, there are many different black ‘peoples’. Are we talking African? Caribbean? Europe or the USA? If you’re talking Caribbean veganism, it could be part of spiritual traditions, Rastafarianism involves eating produce that’s ideally home-grown and organic.