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Politics & Law

Arizona Introduces Legislation Challenging Cultivated Meat Industry

Joining the list of states considering similar measures, Arizona has proposed multiple new legislations that could redefine the legal framework surrounding cultivated meat. The first bill under consideration, Bill 2244, was introduced by State Representative Quang Nguyen, a Republican and Chair of Public Safety, focusing on the labeling and sale of cultivated meat products. House Bill 2244 mandates that “A person who places a label on a food product may not intentionally misbrand or misrepresent a product that is not derived from livestock or poultry as meat, a meat food product, poultry or a poultry product.” This encompasses cell-cultured food items and synthetic products derived from plants, insects, or other sources. The bill’s emphasis is on preventing the misbranding of these products as traditional meat. …


Abbot's Chopped Chick'n now available as a protein option at Tocaya Organica.

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Food Service

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n Added to Menus at All 20 Tocaya Modern Mexican Restaurants

Casual chain Tocaya Modern Mexican, a Mexican concept chain with over 20 locations in California and Arizona, launches plant-based Chopped Chick’n made by Abbot’s Butcher across all menus as a suggested protein pairing for many of Tocaya’s dishes as well as a protein option for any entrée. The product expansion means that Tocaya is the only restaurant to carry Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n in the Greater Los Angeles area, though the “Beef” and “Chorizo” are offered at independently owned restaurant menus including Chicas Tacos, Pizzanista, and Mohawk Bend. Tocaya’s chefs offer various suggestions for the plant protein such as the Tocaya Salad tossed with Chick’n and a spicy cilantro-lime dressing; Grilled Pineapple Al Pastor Bowl with Chick’n and cilantro-lime rice; and the Fajita Burrito with …


Plant-based Chicken Sandwiches

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Former Burger King Chef Michael Salem Launches Recreate Foods to Revolutionize Plant-Based Chicken

Chef Michael Salem, the former head of culinary innovation at Burger King, announces the launch of Recreate Foods – a venture-backed, plant-based food company that specializes in chef-made chicken alternatives made to deliver better flavor than big-name competitors and conventional chicken. At Burger King, Salem played a pivotal role in bringing the Impossible Whopper to the chain’s menu, and was inspired to develop Recreate products while working on recipes for Kevin Hart’s vegan fast food chain, Hart House.  Speaking to vegconomist today, Salem states: “After 25 years as a chef and leading menu strategy and innovation for notable restaurant chains across the U.S., I was instantly amazed by the flavor of Recreate Foods’ plant-based chicken alternative. During my plant-based journey from Burger King to Hart …


Nasoya X WaBa Grill

Products & Launches

WaBa Grill Launches Plant-based Steak in Approx 200 Restaurants Across California and Arizona

California’s WaBa Grill, one of the USA’s leading fast-casual chains, announces the launch of Plantspired Steak at all of its almost 200 locations across California and Arizona, in partnership with Nasoya Foods USA, owned by Korea’s Pulmuone since 2016. Pulmuone entered the alternative meat category this March with the Plantspired range which began with 20 new products in its domestic Korean market as well as in China, Japan and in the USA. The collaboration marks the first time Nasoya has worked with a major restaurant chain. The plant-based steak is marinated with Asian style flavours then grilled and served with WaBa Grill’s signature WaBa Sauce, and is according to the chain “conveniently priced”. “Today’s launch is significant for WaBa Grill as the continued evolution of …