5th Cellular Agriculture Conference 2023 in Japan

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Fairs & Events

Japanese and International Leaders to Speak at 5th Cellular Agriculture Conference in Tokyo

The Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons (CAIC), a non-profit based in Japan, and the Society for Cultured-Food Engineering will hold the 5th Cellular Agriculture Conference 2023 — known as one of the largest academic meetings on cell ag in Japan.  Scheduled for August 29, the event will be held in a hybrid format, encompassing both virtual participation and a physical venue at the WATERRAS COMMONS in Tokyo. At the 5th Cellular Agriculture Conference, participants will learn about the latest updates in cell ag, from policy-making to R&D to social and cultural studies. And this year, the conference will cover topics beyond cultivated meat, including precision fermentation and molecular farming. International speakers will discuss global cell ag trends and industry updates. Speakers “This is a unique …


foie gras

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Food Service

Dr Foods / Next Meats Expands its Vegan Caviar & Foie Gras Into Wedding Halls Across Japan

Tokyo-based food tech Dr. FOODS Inc., a publicly listed corporation on the OTC Market in the USA under the ticker symbol “DRFS”, counting Next Meats Co as a subsidiary, revealed in January its plans to launch vegan fois gras and vegan caviar into the North American market. In April, the company stated it had successfully developed “the world’s first plant-based cultured foie gras“. Although the title of first cultivated foie gras likely belongs to France’s GOURMEY, the distinction lies in the fact that the Japanese product is not created from cultured animal cells, but uses the name “cultured foie gras” since “microorganisms are cultured in the manufacturing process. In the future, the company intends to expand into the boundary area between plant-derived meat and cultured …


Yoshikazu Azuma

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Op Ed: Yoshikazu Azuma, CEO of 2foods, On Japan’s Evolving Vegan Market

Yoshikazu Azuma, CEO of Tokyo’s 2foods, is soon to expand Japan’s number one, 100% plant-based fast-casual and CPG brand to the US, bringing its award-winning products including ramen, Japanese curry, gateau, cheesecakes, and doughnuts, to American consumers through newly established arm 2foods US. “We believe that plant-based food has enormous potential in Japan,” says the serial entrepreneur. The ongoing evolution of plant-based in Japan By Yoshikazu Azuma The plant-based food industry has been growing at an unprecedented pace in recent years, with Europe and the United States leading the way. However, Japan is still in its early stages of development in the plant-based market, and there is much potential for growth and expansion. Despite an increase in the number of restaurants serving plant-based foods and …


Plant-based short ribs


Products & Launches

NEXT MEATS to Debut Marinated BBQ Product “Next Short Rib 2.1” at All Costco Japan Locations

Japanese food tech company NEXT MEATS (OTC: NXMH) announces it will launch its latest alt-protein innovation, Next Short Rib 2.1, at all 31 Costco Wholesale locations in Japan beginning in March.  Described as marinated Japanese BBQ, Next Short Rib 2.1 is made from non-GMO soybeans, and will be sold in two 200g sets in a larger package designed exclusively for Costco Japan. The 100% plant-based product is made without any additives, preservatives and artificial flavors, NEXT MEATS says, and has a refrigerator shelf life of up to 90 days. The company will also offer live cooking demonstrations and tastings at select Costco Japan locations.  New markets Based in Tokyo, NEXT MEATS is a subsidiary of NEXT MEATS Holdings, which is devoted to the research, development …



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Food & Beverage

Japan: TWO Launches 2foods With 60+ Healthy Vegan Junk Food Options

Following news from Japan that vegan meat products will be sold for the first time alongside animal meat products in supermarkets, Tokyo-based well-being business TWO has entered the vegan food market by launching its plant-based food brand called 2foods. The brand promises reasonably priced and popular foods, hoping for a plant-based breakthrough in Japan.



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Stock market

Japan: Alternative Meat Startup Next Meats Holdings Gets Listed on the American OTC Market

Japanese alternative meat company Next Meats Holdings, became listed on the American OTC Market on January 26th as NEXT MEATS HOLDINGS, INC (NXMH) after acquiring an American SPAC, paving its path into the American stock market. The rapidly growing company thus enters the US stock market with plans for worldwide expansion and NASDAQ listing in the future.


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The Women Working Hard to Make Japan a More Vegan-Friendly Country for Consumers and Businesses

One of the most unique countries on Earth, Japan is a land of contrasts and similarities, with strong traditions influenced by external powers over the centuries. Among the most populous, and fascinating, countries in the world, people travel from all over the world to get a taste of the Land of the Rising Sun, both figuratively and literally.


Mos burger Japan


Food & Beverage

Mos Burger: Japan’s Most Popular Domestic Burger Chain Adds Vegan Option

According to Japanese news platform Sora News, Japan’s most popular domestic burger chain has added a vegan burger called The Green Burger. Mos Burger, with the MOS as an abbreviation for “mountain, ocean, sky” – has reportedly begun offering a 100% plantbased option this month as interest in veganism continues to rise in Asia.