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Eat Just Reveals Upcoming GOOD Meat Factory in Qatar Will Be First Ever Cultured Meat Facility in Middle East

Leading food tech pioneer Eat Just has partnered with Doha Venture Capital (DVC) and Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) to construct a new cell-cultured meat facility in Qatar. The country has indicated its intention to grant regulatory approval for cell-cultured chicken “very soon”. Qatar now follows Singapore and Israel to bring the first cultured meat to consumers, though at this stage only Singapore has granted full regulatory approval. Also, as we reported this week, UPSIDE Foods agreed a partnership with Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to serve cell-cultured chicken in her San Francisco restaurant, Atelier Crenn.  First of its kind in Middle East & Northern Africa The new large-scale facility will provide a base for GOOD Meat – Eat Just’s cell-cultured division –  and the company …