ADM's new alt protein report identifies four focus factors for the sector's growth

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Company News

Precision Fermentation CDMO ScaleUp Bio Announces First Customers, Signaling Opportunities for Novel Foods in Asia

ScaleUp Bio, Singapore’s pioneer provider of CDMO services for microbial precision fermentation, announces its first customers, including the Australian food tech company Nourish Ingredients.   Established in 2022 as a joint venture company of ADM and Nurasa, ScaleUp Bio provides a pathway from bench-to-market pipeline and facilitates entry into Asian markets and other regions. ScaleUp Bio’s agreement collaboration with Nourish Ingredients will support 10,000 L of fermentation capacity and 100 L of thermal processing. The Australian company will establish in Singapore a strategic Asia Pacific hub for scaling production of its animal-free fat (Tastilux) for plant-based meat and other applications.  ScaleUp Bio has also signed Letters of Intent with US biotech C16 Biosciences, which produces an alternative to the ubiquitous palm oil to reduce its environmental and carbon footprint; the Malaysian plant-based meat …


Food tech leader TiNDLE Foods, formerly Next Gen Foods, announces an expansion into new categories (including milks, ice creams, and sausages) and a new brand identity

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Market & Trends

Singaporean Plant-Based Brands Expand Into Europe, Capitalizing on Growing Demand

Singaporean plant-based brands are increasingly taking advantage of rising demand elsewhere in the world to expand internationally, with a particular focus on Europe. The number of alt protein companies in Singapore has reportedly skyrocketed in recent years, as the country becomes increasingly concerned about food security and actively recruits scientists in the field. While the Singaporean alt protein market provides considerable opportunities, some companies are opting to make their success global. Among the most notable is plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE, which launched at hundreds of UK restaurants last year before rolling out at retail stores in the country this April. The brand is also available at thousands of EDEKA supermarkets in Germany. Another Singaporean brand, Growthwell Foods’ HAPPIEE! (which mostly focuses on seafood alternatives) arrived …


CULT Food Science launches Marina Cat, a cultivated fish cat food brand

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Pet Food

CULT Food Science and Umami Bioworks Launch Cultivated Fish Cat Treat

CULT Food Science (CSE: CULT), an investment platform focused on cellular agriculture, has introduced Marina Cat, a new cell-cultivated pet food brand developed in partnership with cultivated fish company Umami Bioworks. Marina Cat aims to offer eco-friendly products with the nutritional benefits of fish without the harmful environmental impacts of commercial fishing.  Marina Cat’s first product is described as a blend of sustainably produced cultivated snapper and a nutritional yeast ingredient called Bmmune, which boosts the cat’s immune system. Additionally, the treats contain Omega 3 and 6, nine fatty acids, and DHA and EPA to promote cognitive function, vision, and nervous system development. The new products will begin to be produced later this year and are expected to be available for purchase by 2024, says CULT Food Science. …


Solar Foods' protein Solein used in different dishes

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Solar Foods and Ajinomoto Unite to Create Next-Gen Air-Based Protein Foods

Last week, Finland’s Solar Foods debuted its microbial protein Solein, made out of thin air, at a tasting event in Singapore. After this historic moment in food history, Solar Foods has announced a strategic alliance with Japanese food and biotechnology corporation Ajinomoto to develop products using the revolutionary Solein and introduce them to global markets.  The partnership—Solar Foods’ first collaboration with a major global food brand—will make Solein a reality. In the coming years, a new range of sustainable products will launch for the first time in Singapore. In Q4 2024, the companies will conduct a market feasibility study for product development in Singapore. Solar Foods is now ready to commercialize Solein. It received regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) last October, and the company will …


Yumeat's plant-based range

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Singapore’s Yumeat Expands Shelf-Stable Vegan Meat Range Throughout Asia

In 2021, Ayam Brand — a Singaporean prepared and canned foods company established over 120 years ago — introduced a new plant-based meat brand called Yumeat.  Using the tagline “Get your proteins from plants,” Yumeat debuted in Singapore with plant-based luncheon meat and minced meat — two shelf-stable, ready-to-eat plant-based products that were unique in the market at the time. “Good for you, good for the planet,” says Yumeat, adding, “Whether you are vegan or an aspiring flexitarian, we are here to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle.”  Expanding through Asia Over the past year, Yumeat has expanded into Malaysia, Australia, and Hong Kong, and it recently debuted in Thailand. Since its launch, the brand has been introducing new products, including Mapu Tofu and new …


NUS researchers develop 3d-printed edible scaffolds that will accelerate cultivated meat bio manufacturing

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Edible Scaffolds For Cultivated Meat With “Fibrous Qualities” Developed by Singapore Scientists

A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has successfully used plant proteins from corn, barley, and rye flour to 3D-print edible scaffolds for the cultivated meat industry.  Led by Huang Dejian, deputy head of the NUS Department of Food Science and Technology, the team claims the new development will help to accelerate the biomanufacturing process of cultivated meat.  “By using readily available cereal prolamins as biomaterials for high-precision 3D printing technology, we open up a new method for manufacturing edible and structured scaffolds to produce cultured muscle meat slices with fibrous qualities,” Dejian said. 3D-printed edible scaffolds Scaffolds are three-dimensional constructs used in cultivated meat that provide structural support for cells to multiply and develop into tissues. But they are typically made from …


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TurtleTree Unveils the “World’s First” Animal-Free Lactoferrin

Singaporean biotech TurtleTree today debuts what it claims is the world’s first precision fermentation-produced animal-free lactoferrin, named  LF+, at an event in San Francisco before its Q4 2023 market entry. Lactoferrin, known as “pink gold” because of its high value and iron-rich pink hue, is a bioactive milk protein and one of the most powerful ingredients in cow’s milk. It has excellent functional benefits for immunity, iron regulation, and digestive health, explains TurtleTree. Innovative breakthrough “The development and debut of this highly valuable animal-free dairy protein is yet another innovative breakthrough that creates more sustainable food choices and a more sustainable food system,” Good Food Institute president Bruce Friedrich commented.  Since it is present in cow’s milk at low concentrations, its extraction process is resource-intensive, …


cultivated fish range

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Cultivated Seafood

Umami Meats and Ingredion Co-Develop Cultivated Fish Cakes & Fillets

Singapore-based cultivated seafood startup Umami Meats is set to host a private launch event showcasing the company’s first cultivated fish structured prototypes developed in partnership with US-based food solutions company Ingredion. Thai-style fish cakes and battered fish fillets made with cultivated fish cells using Umami’s proprietary technology will debut at the event. Products for high-end restaurants Mihir Pershad, Umami Meats’ founder and CEO, said: “We’re excited to be able to showcase our first structured prototypes. With this product showcase, our goal is to demonstrate the versatility of our cultivated fish and the wide range of desirable, structured products that we plan to supply via high-end restaurants as progressive regulatory changes occur in each of our target launch markets.” The partnership with Ingredion, which was announced during …


vegan activist ed winters

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Earthling Ed Joins abillion as Strategic Advisor

Vikas Garg, founder and CEO of the sustainable e-commerce platform abillion, has announced on social channels that much-loved UK vegan activist and public speaker Ed Winters will join the company as strategic advisor. Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, has an incredible presence with his viral YouTube videos, documentaries, seminars, and Ted Talks. He is also a partner in Unity Diner, London’s 100% vegan diner & cocktail bar. Earlier this year, Earthling Ed launched a brand ethical clothing brand and launched vegan fish & chips shop chain No Catch. Ed is also teaching an animal ethics course on animal farming at Harvard University.# A global movement for social change Vikas Garg founded abillion in 2017 with the aim of helping a billion people to join the plant-based movement by …


cultivated fish ball laksa

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Cultivated Seafood

Cultivated Seafood Startup Umami Meats Files Patent for “Game-Changing” Technology

Singapore-based cultivated seafood startup Umami Meats announces it has filed a patent for single-stem cell technology that uses mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) lines from fish. Umami’s stem cell technology is unique because it only requires one cell type and one production line to cultivate muscle and fats, unlike other methods that require multiple production lines and cell types.  Mihir Pershad, Umami Meats’ founder and CEO, said: “So far, we have established MSC lines from three species, including our flagship species, the Japanese eel. This innovative approach to cell lines builds the foundation for faster and more efficient cell growth. Our technology advances are a critical driver of lowering costs, increasing scalability, and making cultivated seafood affordable for mainstream consumers.” The company also cultivates species like snapper, tuna, …


Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

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Hoshay Debuts in Singapore With Crispy Fried Chicken, Teriyaki Unagi and More

Backed by 26 years of manufacturing experience, Singapore-based Hoshay Food, a new manufacturer and exporter of traditional soy-based vegetarian food products to over 31 countries, has evolved with time, catering to the consumer’s needs and the increasing demand from flexitarians. Together with its focus on innovation and expertise in tofu skin and mushroom, Hoshay Food has launched guilt-free snack options and ready to go meals under its “Sizzle, Munchies and Now” food series. More natural and less processed, Hoshay is invested in giving consumers more choices to switch out to vegan meals without having to compromise the taste. Hoshay’s pride and joy is its Crispy Fried Chicken, which is pre-fried and coated with herbs and spices. Another favourite is the Unagi which comes with a …


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Gastronomy & Food Service

Singapore’s Newest Plant-Based Meal Service INSANE MEALS Serves Huge Array of Impossible Foods Dishes

INSANE MEALS, Singapore’s newest DTC service, offers a large array of dishes with Impossible Foods meat as well as other vegan bands as part of a brand new weekly vegan meal subscription service, targeted at the two in five Singaporeans whose flexitarian diet is mostly plant-based with meats and animal products in moderation. New variations on Impossible Foods meat The Insane Meals’ take on the Impossible Burger – this week voted as the 4th best vegan burger in the world – is served with fresh veggies and plant-based bacon finished with tangy mustard, while the Impossible Great Balls of Flavour is a plant-based take on spaghetti and meatballs. Also on the menu are the Impossible Chili Con Carne, Impossible Lasagne and Asian favourites like  Impossible …