Steakholder Foods’ plant-based, 3D-printed Steaks.

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Company News

New Partnership Aims to Revolutionise Taiwanese Cuisine with Steakholder Foods’ 3D Printing Tech

Steakholder Foods Ltd and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan announce a partnership to develop and commercialise a range of products using Steakholder Foods’ 3D printing technology and plant-based premixes specifically tailored to Taiwanese cuisine. The company’s ready blends were launched on the US market just last month, marketed as SHMeat and SHFish, entailing blended dried extracts of ingredients ready for mixing to create 3D-printed plant-based beef steak and white fish products. Diminishing Taiwan’s reliance on animal meat Under the new agreement, Steakholder Foods will collaborate with ITRI to develop commercial plant-based meat alternatives, enabling Taiwan to produce its own meat alternatives. Leveraging Steakholder Foods’ technology, this partnership aims to diminish Taiwan’s reliance on traditional meat supply chains, fostering greater food diversity and …


Ai Zhi Wei oat latte

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Politics & Law

Taiwanese Government Establishes Plant Milk Research and Development Center

Taiwan’s Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) has established a Plant Milk Research and Development Center to develop plant-based milk products in partnership with the drink company Ai Zhi Wei, as reported by Taiwan News.  Other goals of the new center include the improvement of Taiwan’s supply chain of raw and semi-processed agricultural for plant-based and exploring biotechnology to develop protein-rich milk alternatives with enhanced nutritional value. Ai Zhi Wei, owned by the Nice Group, is a famous brand in the country that offers beverages, including a wide range of cold teas and oat, peanut, soy, and walnut milk dairy products. At the innovation center, the company will combine its extensive experience in the beverage industry with the scientists at FIRDI to create innovative and nutritious plant-based milk products …


Taiwan launched startup to produce plant-based whole-cuts using breakthrough tech

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Politics & Law

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs Launches Startup to Produce Plant-Based Whole-Cuts Using Breakthrough Innovation

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced that at the end of the year, it will launch a startup to produce plant-based whole cuts using a novel texturizing technology developed by the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT). Samples of the new plant-based meat were showcased at BIO Asia-Taiwan 2023, reports Taiwan News. The breakthrough process mimics the texture of meat by introducing a multi-directional fiber structure that can recreate the muscle consistency of beef, pork, chicken, and fish without using additives or artificial ingredients. Furthermore, it uses soy and wheat protein, which have complete essential amino acids and higher protein content, to offer a full nutrition product different from the traditional texturized vegetable protein, explains MOEA. The process had been tested at scale, proving its commercial viability. It will …


Image courtesy Meat-free Monday Taiwan

Politics & Law

Taiwan’s Meat-Free Monday Reports Astonishing Progress, Generates Commitments From Government Sectors

At the end of 2022, Taiwan’s Meat-Free Monday organization announced it succeeded in inviting over 100 political candidates for Taiwan’s 2022 election to sign its Veg-Friendly pledge. After a few months, the group took further action for its political campaign and launched Taiwan’s first Earth Day march on April 22, to raise awareness concerning the importance of sustainable, plant-based diets, to the government and the public. The march attracted more than 2,000 members of the public along with more than 160 organizations, 2 legislators, 8 city/county mayors, and chairpersons from county and city councils, meaning a total of more than 40 influential politicians responded in favor of the adoption of sustainable diets. The host of this event, Chang Yu-Chuan, organizer of Meat Free Monday Taiwan, …


Lypid plant-based pork belly

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Lypid Launches “World’s First” Plant-Based Pork Belly, Made With Patented Fat Technology

Lypid, an alt fat startup based in Taiwan and the US, has launched what it claims to be the world’s first plant-based pork belly. The meat alternative is made with PhytoFat, Lypid’s patented technology that creates animal-like fats using plant oils. The fat is combined with fibrous plant-based protein to achieve the same taste and texture as conventional pork belly. The product is said to cook just like pork, and was recently served at the Future Food-Tech Summit in San Francisco. It is now being tested by chefs in the Bay Area, and has also debuted in Taiwan at Taipei-based vegan diner Baganhood. Lypid said it chose to develop a pork alternative because pork is one of the most popular types of meat worldwide, with …


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Politics & Law

Taiwan: More Than 100 Election Candidates Pledge to Support Meat-Free School Days

Taiwan’s Meat-Free Monday organization announces it recently succeeded in inviting over 100 political candidates to sign its Veg-Friendly pledge, which asked candidates to support Meat-Free Days at Taiwanese schools. Following the election results, a total of 48 veg-friendly candidates have been elected. According to Meat Free Monday Taiwan, it launched the “I’m willing to be a veg-friendly candidate” pledge as a last-minute special campaign just prior to the Nov. 26th election for local mayors and councilors. The pledge invites candidates to support and promote better access to healthy plant-based meals across the country’s schools.  Swift response Organizers say that, despite the tight schedule, the response was swift, and more than 100 candidates signed the pledge in just 5 days. Chang Yu-chuan, organizer of “Meat-Free Monday Taiwan” …


Lypid Vegan Fats & Louisa Coffee Plant-Based Meats


Food Service

Lypid Partners with Taiwan’s Louisa Coffee For New ‘Juicy’ Plant-Based Meat Lineup

Lypid, a startup specializing in plant-based fats, announces a partnership with Louisa Coffee, Taiwan’s largest coffee chain, to serve new plant-based burgers made with Lypid’s animal-like vegan fat, PhytoFat.  Available at 500 locations across Taiwan, the collaboration will feature six sandwiches, rice burgers, muffins, and bagels made with the special burger patties. According to Chris Huang, Founder and Chairman of Louisa Coffee, the “juicy” new burgers are intended to make alternative protein options more accessible and “provide delicious food that is better for the body and the planet.” Made from 97% vegan oils and water, Lypid’s PhytoFat is a culinary-friendly alternative to animal fats. By maintaining important fat qualities when heated above 329 degrees Fahrenheit (165 Celsius), Lypid says PhytoFat enhances the textures and flavors …


Dear Bella Creamery founders

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Dear Bella Creamery: “What We Hear Over and Over From Our Customers is, “I Cannot Believe This is Plant-Based!””

LA ice cream shop Dear Bella Creamery was founded by Taiwanese-Americans Alice Cherng and Belinda Wei in 2017 to “offer a limitless approach to plant-based ice cream and other frozen treats” and quickly became a hit in Hollywood amongst vegans and non-vegans alike, recently revealing expansion plans beginning with a new location in Costa Mesa. The best friend-founders recently announced that the entire line of plant-based ice cream, including flavors such as Mango Sticky Rice, Taiwanese Pineapple Cake, Sweet Red Bean, Passion Fruit Banana, and Matcha Soft Serve, is now available for US shipping nationwide as the business goes from strength to strength. It was time to catch up with Alica and Belinda to discuss all things vegan ice cream. Tell us about yourselves and …


Products & Launches

Enjoy the Vegan-Friendly Metaverse with New Alt Leather

Taiwanese silicone product manufacturer General Silicones has released its latest vegan product; Silicone Velvet Leather. The soft faux leather material is made for consumer electronics like headsets, AR/VR glasses, and gloves for a vegan-friendly experience in the metaverse.  Designed for consumer electronics that often get exposed to the wearer’s skin, General Silicones’ new VL301 Silicone Velvet leather is made primarily from natural silica, which does not break down into smaller particles as plastics do nor does it release toxic fumes. Electronic manufacturers currently rely on PU-based faux leather, which can create allergic reactions for some users during prolonged use. Silicone however is well-known for its non-allergenic properties and is preferred for baby products.  In addition, PU leather commonly used in consumer electronics can degrade with …




Company News

Taiwan’s Frozen Vegan Food Leader Vegefarm Looks to Global Expansion

With over 25 years in the vegan business, Taiwanese plant-based producer Vegefarm has now set its sight on entering the European and Middle Eastern alt meat markets. The frozen food leader produces and supplies more than 300 kinds of vegetarian and vegan products. Originating from Taipei, Taiwan, Vegefarm currently exports primarily throughout North and Central America, as well as South East Asia. The manufacturer produces products free from transfat and GMO ingredients, with accreditation from The Vegan Society as well as Halal. Vegefarm boasts a diverse range of vegan products for foodservice and retail, including its flagship vegan shrimp, vegan shiitake steak, and vegan half-chicken, as well as various plant-based beef, chicken, and tuna lines amongst others. The burgeoning vegan food scene in Taiwan continues …



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Fashion, Design & Beauty

Taiwanese Company Has the Answer to Environmental Issues Posed by Vegan Leather

Faux leather is most often made from PVC, attracting criticism from some environmentalists. But Taiwanese product manufacturer General Silicones may have found a solution. The environmental problems with plastics such as PVC are well-known — they’re made from fossil fuels and they don’t biodegrade, instead breaking down into microplastics which harm wildlife and pollute the environment. On the other hand, General Silicones’ leather is made primarily from natural silica, which is essentially what sand is made of. It doesn’t break down into smaller particles as plastics do, and it doesn’t produce toxic fumes if incinerated. It’s extremely durable and long-lasting, as well as safe for skin, waterproof, and resistant to UV and heat. The perfect alternative? While silicone leather may seem like an ideal solution, …


Stir-fry Thai Basil OmniPork with Rice

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Products & Launches

OmniPork Partners With Taiwan’s FamilyMart to Launch Instant Meals Into 3600 Outlets

Major Taiwanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has partnered with Green Monday to release the very first instant cup meals containing vegan pork product Omnipork. This marks the first time for OmniPork to co-brand with FamilyMart’s ready meal product line Mom’s Cuisine, as a new plant-based offer to the public.


OmniPork boiled dumplings by BaFang YunJi, biggest QSR in Taiwan


Food & Beverage

Taiwan: One Million OmniPork Dumplings Sold Every Week Since January Launch

Taiwan’s biggest quick service restaurant chain, Bafang Yunji, is partnering with Green Monday to debut its first plant based dumplings across the country. Two plant based options – OmniPork pan-fried dumplings and OmniPork boiled dumplings – are available at nearly 1,000 stores across Taiwan and priced at TWD6 each.