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Tempeh Today and Marel India Partner to Install Small-Scale Tempeh Fermentation Units

Henk Schouten, the CEO of plant-based protein company Schouten Europe, launched Tempeh Today in India in 2021, aiming to establish 100 small-scale fermentation units (SFUs) for tempeh production within five years. To reach these goals, CFSS B.V., the company behind Tempeh Today in India, and Marel India Pvt. Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership to boost tempeh production and continue to offer a sustainable solution for proteins in India. Marel India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marel, an international company that provides high-quality equipment, solutions, services, and software for the food processing industry.  Small and micro units for tempeh “The collaboration with Marel is a crucial next step in rolling out the concept. I am thrilled that Marel is supporting this initiative, and I look forward to our future …


GoodDot hosts Plant Protein Festival in partnership with Kenilworth Hotels

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Fairs & Events

India: GoodDot Partners With Kenilworth Hotels & Resorts for Plant Protein Festival

A plant protein festival took place in Kolkata, India this weekend (September 7-10) as part of a collaboration between plant-based company GoodDot and luxury resort operator Kenilworth Hotels & Resorts. The event took place at Aromas, a coffee shop at Kenilworth Kolkata, and allowed guests to sample a range of dishes made with GoodDot’s plant-based meat. These included chili, kebabs, Thai curries, rogan josh, and more. The aim of the festival was to showcase the flavor and versatility of plant-based proteins, while also raising awareness of the sustainability of plant-based diets. It comes after a report earlier this year found that there had been a “noticeable increase” in plant-based eating in India. “Acknowledging the pivotal role of alternative proteins in mitigating climate change, Kenilworth Kolkata …


Sattvik Council of India launches its labelling certification program in Singapore.

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Company News

Sattvik Council of India Launches Vegetarian and Vegan Certification Services in Singapore

Sattvik Council of India, which claims to be the world’s first third-party vegetarian and vegan certification body and standards developer, has officially launched a new office in Singapore, Sattvik Certifications Singapore (SCSG). The services offered by SCSG, under the leadership of Director Venkataraman Kumar, encompass testing, inspection, and certification solutions for various industries and their products, including F&B, food service and hospitality, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textiles, and cleaning. Additionally, the SCSG also launched a Buddhist manual for Singapore’s vegetarian and vegan Buddhist community. According to Abhishek Biswas, founder of the Sattvik Council of India, the vegetarian and vegan population worldwide is growing, and Singapore is the second most vegan-friendly country in Asia. SCSG seeks to help this growing community make better-informed choices by ensuring that products meet specific standards and …


Banana bark bags

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Fashion, Design & Beauty

India’s FOReT Launches Biodegradable Vegan Bags Made From Banana Bark

Indian vegan fashion brand FOReT has developed a collection of sustainable and fully biodegradable bags made from locally sourced banana bark. To make the bags, the bark is harvested using a sharp knife, in a process that does not harm the banana tree. Fibers are then extracted from the bark and formed into twine, which is crocheted to make the plant-based bags. Finally, an inner lining made from cotton is added, along with other features such as a strap and tassels. The bags are made by rural Indian women, providing them with economic opportunities. The collection features several designs, including totes, bucket bags, and a messenger bag. The latest addition is the Moon Crest, which can transition between a clutch, sling, and waist bag. Due …


BVeg Foods expands internationally

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

BVeg Foods Sets Sights on Global Expansion as India’s Plant-Based Meat Exports Surge

BVeg Foods, the largest plant-based meat manufacturer in India, is now venturing into international markets. The company has shipped 22 tons of frozen vegan beef chunks to the UK, reports the Good Food Food Institute India. This shipment signals the growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives in Europe and the surge in the country’s exports as a plant-based provider. India’s agrarian economy and diversity of indigenous crops mean that the country is ideally placed to be “the epicenter for the global smart protein ecosystem,” states BVeg Foods. According to the Smart Protein Economic Analysis, the export potential of India for plant-based meat in 2030 ranges from INR 2,194 crore (USD 278 million) to INR 6,824 crore (USD 864 million). This economic analysis is a collaboration between …


Wakao Foods plant-based meat shipment

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Company News

Wakao Foods Exports “India’s Largest” Plant-Based Meat Shipment to the US

Indian alt meat brand Wakao Foods has begun exporting its jackfruit-based products, sending a 13-tonne container — said to be India’s largest ever plant-based meat shipment — to the US. The milestone was celebrated in a ceremony at Kochi Port, featuring notable Indian dignitaries such as IAS Rajesh Agrawal, chairman of APEDA (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority). The container is the first of two that will be exported. Agrawal said that India’s demand for plant-based meat was growing rapidly, creating opportunities to take advantage of the country’s crop biodiversity. He added that the production of crops such as jackfruit has benefits for farmers and is helping to diversify the protein supply, addressing malnutrition. “Dynamic food scene” Wakao Foods claims to be …


Evolved Foods

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Investments & Acquisitions

India’s Evolved Foods Raises $891K to Address Protein Deficiency With Alt Meats

Indian alt meat brand Evolved Foods has raised Rs 7.30 crore (about $891,000 USD) in a seed funding round led by Rainmatter Health and Kamala Capital. Other participants included Anvitha Prashanth, Aprameya Radhakrishna, and various angel investors. According to Evolved Foods, 80% of Indians do not meet the recommended daily allowance for protein consumption, while others rely on animal foods such as meat and paneer. The company says its signature Plant Meat — which is made from soy, rice, and coconut — could provide a solution that improves health without putting a strain on the planet. The product has also been designed to cater to Indian tastes. Dishes made with Evolved Plant Meat are already available at various food service outlets across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, …


Shaka Harry

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Shaka Harry, Backed by Famous Cricketer MS Dhoni, Launches Huge Range of Vegan Indian Food in Singapore

Indian plant-based company Shaka Harry is expanding internationally with a first market venture into the Singaporean market. Fifteen of the company’s vegan products will launch at Mustafa Centre Singapore — a four-level retail hub and iconic shopping mall known for its 24-hour market-style shopping experience. Several marketing and promotional campaigns will support Shaka Harry’s launch in the city-state. Additionally, the company has plans to partner with local restaurants and food services to establish its presence.  Anand Nagarajan, co-founder of Shaka Harry, said: “We are confident that our products will appeal to the growing number of individuals embracing flexitarian diets and seeking healthy, delicious, and environmentally friendly food options.” Promoting plant-based diets Singapore has become a hub for the rapidly expanding alt protein industry, attracting startups in …


Blue Tribe

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Market & Trends

Report Finds “Noticeable Increase” in Plant-Based Eating in India

A report by India’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) has found that plant-based eating is becoming increasingly common in the country. Released at this year’s Plant-Based Foods Summit, the report cites a survey which found that 67% of those who choose plant-based products are motivated by animal welfare issues. 54.1% cite environmental concerns, while 48.6% believe that plant-based foods have health benefits. The promotion of plant-based foods by celebrities and influencers is also helping to drive demand, with 8.1% of survey respondents saying they choose these foods because they are trendy. On the whole, there is said to have been a “noticeable increase” in vegan food consumption. Market challenges Meat and dairy alternatives are becoming increasingly available and affordable in India, leading more consumers …


Flag India

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Fairs & Events

Discussions Take Place to Make India “World Ingredients Hub” for Plant-Based Foods

India’s potential to shape the global plant protein supply and increase trade opportunities is huge. In fact, India would be the leading source of ingredients for the world’s rapidly growing plant-based foods market under an ambitious proposal being discussed at a summit in New Delhi this week.  The 2nd Plant Based Food Summit takes place this Thursday May 25, organized by the country’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) will feature keynote speakers, policymakers, and representatives from the hospitality sector and academia providing insights into the latest trends and innovations. Additionally, plant-based brands will have the opportunity to pitch to potential investors from around the globe. The summit, supported by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), ProVeg International, and US Soybean Export Council, envisages India …


shoe made from tomato leather

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Leather Alternatives

India’s Bioleather Develops Biodegradable Alt Leather Made From Tomato Plant Waste

Bioleather is an Indian alt leather producer that has developed tomato composite, a fully biodegradable material made by extracting cellulose fibers from tomato plant waste. Described as an “exotic material with unique texture, color, and characteristics”, the leather alternative is made from two separate layers. This eliminates the need for a layer of polyurethane, which is used in most plant-based alt leathers to improve durability. The natural characteristics of the tomato composite are said to protect it from deformation, and it is also described as lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to water and abrasions. In 2021, the material won Best Innovation in Textile at the PETA Vegan Fashion Awards. Bioleather now offers a selection of shoes and bags made from the tomato leather, and …


GFI banner

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge Calls for Novel Solutions to Transform the Food System

After training over a thousand new innovators in the alt protein ecosystem through its two previous programs, the Good Food Institute India (GFI India) announces the launch of the third edition of its flagship initiative, The India Smart Protein Innovation Challenge 2023 (ISPIC). This year‘s challenge is focused on ideation and innovation in whitespaces across the value chain of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-derived proteins. ISPIC launched for the first time in 2020 to create a vibrant ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors to accelerate the development of smart proteins for a sustainable and equitable food system. Impactful ideas Devika Suresh, Innovation Specialist at GFI India and an alumnus of the challenge, said: “With each passing year, we see more talented innovators bringing their unique perspectives and solutions to the …


Banana leather handbags

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Leather Alternatives

Rashki Launches “India’s First” Banana Leather Handbags

Sustainable fashion brand Rashki has partnered with Atma Leather to launch what it claims are India’s first banana leather handbags. India is said to be the world’s largest banana producer, and four tons of waste are generated for every ton of fruit. Atma saw an opportunity to make use of this resource by upcycling it into fibers that can be used to make a petroleum-free leather alternative. Following an extensive R&D process, Banofi leather was born, consisting of 60% banana fibers, 20% natural additives, and 20% non-petroleum synthetic additives. The material uses 85% less water and produces 85% less carbon dioxide than animal leather. Rashki has launched a range of bags made with Banofi, including the Snow black and white crossbody bag, Unica Eco handbag …


Indian vegan market update

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Market & Trends

Latest News From India: Customizable Oat Milk, Award-Winning Cheese & More

As the Indian vegan market continues to thrive, we take a look at the latest updates from alt protein companies in the country. GoodDot goes global GoodDot, which describes itself as India’s leading plant-based company, has entered the US in partnership with food manufacturer and distributor ADF Foods. The products will be sold under ADF’s Ashoka brand of frozen Indian-style ready meals, and will include Plant Based Butter Chicken, Plant Based Lamb Rogan Josh, and Plant Based Lamb Curry. According to GoodDot, the meals are already available at most ethnic Indian stores in the US, and will soon roll out at many more major retailers in the country. “India’s first oat milk facility” As reported by Silicon India’s Startup City magazine, various new companies have …


Zero Cow Factory founders developing animal-free casein

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Investments & Finance

Zero Cow Factory Secures $4M for India’s First Animal-Free Casein 

Zero Cow Factory, an Indian biotechnology startup producing precision fermentation proteins, has announced a $4 million seed round raised to produce animal-free casein at a commercial scale. The round was co-led by Green Frontier Capital, GVFL, and pi Ventures, with participation from Pascual Innoventures, the investment arm of a leading Spanish dairy group Pascual.  In 2021, Sohil and Parini Kapadia established Zero Cow Factory in Surat to revolutionize the dairy industry with sustainable products. “We are developing a technology to reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy products that are ethical, safe, delicious, and identical to cow milk but without any animal involved,” said Parini, who is also the company’s CSO.  Disrupting the dairy industry The biotech claims it has developed a patented technology to produce animal-free whey …


Dancing Cow

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

India’s Dancing Cow Launches Oat & Millet Milk, Will Rescue a Cow for Each 10,000L Sold

Dancing Cow is a newly-launched Indian plant milk producer on a mission to save cows and the planet. The brand’s first product, Oatish, is made from a combination of oats, millet, and mung beans. For each 10,000 litres of Oatish sold, Dancing Cow will rescue a cow from the dairy industry, allowing the animals to live out the remainder of their lives in the company’s own farm sanctuary. Additionally, three trees will be planted for each 100 litres sold, and 5% of profits will be donated to an NGO. Oatish is available in two varieties — Extra Creamy and Rich Chocolate. The shelf-stable milk alternatives will keep for 9-12 months without refrigeration; this is important because cold chain storage and transportation are prohibitively expensive in …


Wakao Foods

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

India’s Wakao Foods Launches Burger Patty Made From Jackfruit & Pea Protein

Indian alt meat brand Wakao Foods has launched a new product — the plant-based Continental Burger Patty, made from 53% jackfruit. Said to be rich in fibre and protein, the patty also contains pea protein and spices, and mimics the texture of pulled meat. It does not require refrigeration and has a year-long shelf life at ambient temperatures. Wakao’s extensive range also features jackfruit in the varieties Raw, Butter, Teriyaki, and BBQ, along with other jackfruit-based products such as the Hot & Spicy Sausage, American Herbs Sausage, and Supreme Burger Patty. “Sustainable and ethically sourced” India is a major jackfruit producer, exporting significant quantities to European alt meat brands. But now, Goa-based Wakao is bringing jackfruit-based meat alternatives to the fast-growing Indian plant-based market. The …


Vegan Dukan

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Retail & E-Commerce

India’s Vegan Dukan Now Offering 1-2 Day Delivery in Delhi and Bangalore

Vegan Dukan, an Indian online vegan marketplace, is now offering faster deliveries in the cities of Delhi and Bangalore. The retailer operates from the latter city — which is in the south of India — and delivers to customers across the country. However, demand is growing rapidly in the north, particularly in Delhi. As a result, Vegan Dukan is working to improve its service in this region, and shoppers in both Delhi and Bangalore can now receive their orders within one to two days. Customers can choose from products made by a range of plant-based Indian brands, such as Sudo Foods, Good Dot, and OneGood. Vegan supplements and cruelty-free personal care products are also available. Making vegan products accessible Vegan Dukan was founded in 2019, …


Banana leather

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Upcycling Fruit Waste Brings Another Innovation: ‘Banofi’ Banana Leather

Banofi is a premium banana leather developed by Kolkata-based material innovation firm Atma Leather by upcycling banana crop waste and transforming it into fibres. India, said to be the world’s largest producer of bananas, generating four tons of waste for every ton of fruit, is also one of the world’s largest leather exporters. Jinali Mody, Atma’s founder, saw the value of using banana waste in the creation of a petroleum-free, premium plant-based material in order to offer an alternative to leather in a cowhide dominant market. Sustainability challenge Mody took her idea to Startup Yale in April 2022, succeeding in securing $25,000 from the Sustainable Venture Prize to launch her company, Atma (meaning “soul”), with the aim of tackling two sustainability fronts: crop waste and …


keventers dairy ice cream range

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Products & Launches

Dairy Brand with 97 Year Legacy Launches Range of Vegan Ice Cream in India

Keventers, a dairy brand and chain of restaurants with a legacy of 97 years, known for its milkshakes and ice creams, expands its product portfolio with its first range of vegan ice cream in India.  The company has launched two flavours — Vegan Strawberry and Vegan Dark Chocolate — in 100 ml and 450 ml consumer packs available at select Keventers’ stores across the country from the 20th of February, 2023. Made with coconut milk instead of dairy and a “blend of the finest ingredients,” the new animal-free ice creams are lactose and gluten-free, with no artificial ingredients or added flavours, making them suitable for consumers with dietary restrictions, including gluten intolerance and dairy allergies. According to Keventers, vegan users approved the final product after multiple consumer trials. Seeking innovation Established …