Kynda and Revo Foods CEO statements

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CEO Statements: Revo Foods & Kynda Biotech on Mycoprotein, the Vegan Meat of the Forest

In this installment of the series “CEO statements: what excites, moves and motivates“, in which our German language platform interviews CEOs on current topics, vegconomist spoke to Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, and Daniel MacGowan- von Holstein, CEO of German company Kynda Biotech GmbH. Both companies specialise in alternative products based on mycoproteins and see it as the future of meat alternative products. Mycoprotein is becoming increasingly popular due to its texture similar to meat and its high nutritional value. This protein alternative is often produced through the fermentation of fungal components and offers not only a sustainable source of protein, but also one that is very similar in texture and flavour to conventional meat. This makes mycoprotein an attractive ingredient for the development …


Revo Foods salmon alternative

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Politics & Law

Revo Foods is Sued for “Misleading” Consumers That its Plant-Based Salmon is Real Fish, Court Dismisses Case

An Austrian court has dismissed a lawsuit brought against alt seafood startup Revo Foods by Vienna City Council, based on the labelling of its famed plant-based salmon. The lawsuit claimed that the name of the product, “Revo™ Salmon – 100% Plant-Based with Pea Protein”, could mislead consumers into thinking it contained real salmon. However, the administrative court rejected this. “Our packaging declares that only 100% plant-based ingredients are used and clearly labels the products as vegan without animal-based ingredients,” said Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods. “In our view, any accusation of deception is unjustified. Many consumers are specifically looking for these types of products, and it is important to give guidance of the product taste with descriptive names.” According to the startup, this is …


Horst Hartl, Managing Director of AGRANA

Horst Hartl, Managing Director of AGRANA, image supplied


AGRANA: “We Offer a Substitute for Methylcellulose Which is in Great Demand in the Organic Sector”

Horst Hartl has been Managing Director of AGRANA Starch since 2009 and is responsible for sales, supply chain management as well as research and development. After studying agricultural economics at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, he began his career in the Austrian sugar and starch industry and then moved to the agricultural machinery industry, where he worked primarily in Eastern Europe and the former CIS countries. Over the last 25 years, he has built up extensive experience in international sales and marketing, both in the food industry and across agribusiness. Could you share some of the most significant achievements or developments for Agrana in the plant-based sector during 2023? What were the key drivers behind these successes? Producers of meat …


Cultivated cat food/ pet food in a dish

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Company News

Because, Animals Rebrands to BioCraft Pet Nutrition to Bring Cultivated Meat to Pet Food Market

Biotech company Because, Animals announces it is re-branding to BioCraft Pet Nutrition to focus exclusively on bringing cultivated meat to the pet food market. As part of the change, the startup will shift to working directly with pet food manufacturers rather than developing its own branded products. The company has also appointed Dr. Theresa Rothenbücher, former chief science officer of Austria’s Revo Foods, as its new chief product officer.  According to BioCraft, its name change follows the decision to dedicate its resources to prioritize commercializing cultivated meat for pet food, including R&D, infrastructure, and collaborative relationships. In late 2022, the company discontinued its plant-based products sold under the Because Animals brand, divesting from related formulations and provisional patents, but retained all intellectual property relating to …


The founders turning carbon dioxide into protein

Arkeon founders. © Arkeon

Investments & Acquisitions

Arkeon Biotechnologies Secures Over €‎10M to Convert CO2 Into Food

Vienna’s Arkeon Biotechnologies, a startup converting CO2 into functional, carbon-negative ingredients for food; raised seed funding of €‎6.5 million last March and now announces it has secured another four million euros. Arkeon’s technology uses gas fermentation to transform CO2 into proteins and the process, according to the company, generates all 20 essential amino acids using a microorganism that produces them in just one fermentation process. The resulting proteins require 99% less land and only 0.01% of the amount of water used by conventional agriculture. New investors include ICL, aws Gründerfonds, FoodHack and Tet Ventures, with the fresh funds going towards the expansion of its proprietary technology as well as the planning of a new R&D centre. “We are very pleased to have the support of …



Retail & E-Commerce

Vienna: New 100% Vegan Superstore BILLA PFLANZILLA to Offer 2,500+ Products

BILLA, one of Austria‘s largest employers, operating around 1,200 stores, is to open a 200-metre square vegan concept store on 8th September, which the chain says will be the first of its kind in Austria. The concept comes as BILLA-commissioned research reveals that 46% of Austrians have reduced their consumption of animal products and that 28% of the 18 to 29 year-old group fully abstain from meat. The shop, located at Mariahilfer Straße 38-4, will offer 100% plant-based products, with the company saying that “Neither vegetarian nor hybrid products are offered, and the entire store places great value on sustainable and reusable materials.” The range will include purely plant-based meat, sausage and dairy products, frozen goods, snacks, baked goods and confectionery as well as basic …


Burger King Katsu Whopper

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Fast Food

“Normal or With Meat?”: All Burger King Items Are Plant-Based in Austrian Experiment, Meat Must be Requested

Just shortly after the news that one in three Burger King burgers sold in Belgium is meat-free, and in some locations even one in two, BK reveals that from now on, almost the entire Burger King range, including the popular classics, will be served on a plant-based basis in Austria. The fast-food giant has already demonstrated what the future could look like in an experiment in a restaurant in Vienna’s Margaretengürtel, where plant-based products became the new normal. Those who ordered without expressing a special request for “meat” received a veggie burger. And those who wanted to eat the popular meat dishes had to say so explicitly. Normal or with meat? Since 12th July, the campaign slogan “Normal or with meat?” can be read throughout …


Revo Foods

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Investments & Finance

Revo Foods Raises €1.5M for 3D Printed Seafood

Young Viennese startup Revo Foods recently announced the closing of its first financing round for more than EUR 1.5 million and aims to accelerate its market entry with 3D-printed plant-based seafood. Revo Foods, formerly Legendary Vish, specialises in the development of 3D-printed plant-based seafood alternatives and already presented its first product – Salmon With Attitude – at a tasting earlier this year. The company’s new investors include Hazelpond Capital, Eva Sommer, friends2grow, Jens Schumann and MKO Holdings, as well as the FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Vienna Business Agency. “We are excited to announce the closing of our first fundraising round of more than EUR 1.5 million and are thrilled to be working with fantastic strategic investors who will really accelerate our market …


Revo Foods salmon

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Printed Technology

Revo Foods: World’s First Public Tasting for 3D-Printed Plant-Based Salmon

Vienna-based Revo Foods, formerly known as Legendary Vish, specialises in developing plant-based fish using its own innovative 3D printing technology. Revo Foods has now announced the launch of what it claims is the world’s first 3D printed smoked salmon, “Salmon with Attitude”. The new product will be sampled for the first time on 6 March in Vienna in cooperation with Budapest Bagel.