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The Slovak Plant-Based Food Market Continues to Thrive According to New Report

A recent report by Jem pre Zem (I Eat for Earth) indicates that 36.8% of the population in Slovakia is either actively reducing their consumption of animal-based products or contemplating future reductions. Slovak households have notably increased their expenditure on plant-based alternatives and tofu, reaching €40.4 million in 2022. Interest in decreasing the consumption of animal-based products is widespread across all age groups in Slovakia, with the greatest involvement observed among individuals aged 25 to 34. In this demographic, 24.7% have already reduced their intake of animal-based foods, and an additional 22.9% are contemplating future reductions, with a higher propensity among women. In 2022, traditional soy products, such as tofu, tempeh, and textured soy protein, accounted for the majority (37.9%) of plant-based product purchases by …


Vladimir Mićković, Juicy Marbles

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Juicy Marbles: “If Burgers Kickstarted the Plant-Based Revolution, Whole Cuts Are Going to Carry it All The Way Through”

At this point, Juicy Marbles should need no introduction for the majority of vegconomist readers. Based in Slovenia and enjoying distribution across the UK and US, these plant-based whole-cut steaks have been causing a stir since they arrived in 2021, as was the intention. Vladimir Mićković, co-founder and chief brand officer at Juicy Marbles, turned out to be a very characterful and quoteworthy interviewee! What is the story behind Juicy Marbles? I’m sure every “marble” could tell a different story, but we are all bound by a shared love of cooking. We come from a culture where food is inseparable from passion. There is this joie-de-vivre coursing through our veins, and feasting with friends and family is a way of celebrating life here. Meat was …


Green Go steak

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

Ukraine: Green Go Creates Realistic Plant-Based Shrimp, Calamari, Ribeye Steak, Filet Minon and More

Ukrainian food startup Green Go is set to host a tasting event and Q&A session with a select group of investors, media, chefs, charities, and other industry partners at the ProVeg HQ in Berlin on Thursday, February 2nd. Green Go will showcase samples of its realistic plant-based shrimp, salmon burgers, calamari, and whole cuts including “ribeye steak” and “filet mignon”, prepared by vegan chef and blogger Alexander Flohr, author of the cookbook Vegan Ocean. Besides tasting the startup’s products — not yet available in restaurants, retail, or food service outside Ukraine — attendees will have the opportunity to talk to Founder Alexandr Panasiuk, CEO and Creative Director  Bogdana Leonova, and Head of Food Technology Maria Manturova. ProVeg Incubator Green Go was founded in 2021 by …


Unfished products

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Company News

Verdino Green Foods Takes Over Unfished and Green Course Brands From Prefera Foods

Verdino Green Foods, a plant-based leader in Central and Eastern Europe and the first alt meat producer in its native Romania, announces it has taken over the Unfished® and Green Course® brands from Prefera Foods, consolidating the entire portfolio and adding alt seafood products and stating that it now becomes one of the players with the most diversified plant-based portfolio in Europe. Launched just last year, Unfished offers canned PlanTuna, ready-to-eat salads and alt tuna and salmon spreads, winning various awards including Best Vegan Tuna at the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2022. Green Course offers a range of ready meals, meat alternatives, sauces, and vegan mayonnaise. “Consolidating the plant-based product portfolio is a priority for us, which is why we took a step forward in …



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Unfished: “On a Transformational Journey Driven By New Food Trends and a Conscientious Approach”

Fish made from plants is the next big thing says Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Romanian company Prefera Foods, producer of the Unfished range of products. Here Ciurtin speaks to vegconomist about long ingredient lists, emotional business decisions and reservations about Eastern Europe. With Unfished PlanTuna, you are just launching a range of tuna alternatives in German supermarkets. What is the demand like? Germany is one of the countries that interests us the most because here the demand for seafood alternatives is already high. The consumers’ interest towards plant-based fish is growing worldwide –  and especially in Germany where many people have a strong environmental awareness. They are more willing to accept innovations and change their lifestyle. Our German distributor – Verdino GmbH – has already …


vegan bacon by Verano

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Company News

Romania: Salconserv Food Invests €3 Million in Verdino’s “Food of the Future” Made of Pea Protein

Verdino, a plant-based brand in Romania offering a variety of pea-protein based products, receives 3 million euros from Salconserv Food, saying that this investment is a “bet on the food of the future”. Salconserv Food is the first and only Romanian producer to offer a plant-based alternative to minced meat based on pea protein.