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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Finnish Startup Three Mushketeers is Redefining Plant-Based Taste with Mushroom Waste

Three Mushketeers is a food tech startup from Helsinki Finland, working to revolutionize the taste of plant-based foods by using sustainable, clean-label ingredients derived from mushroom waste.  Emmi Korjus, Emma Kynkäänniemi, and Ida Nikkilä, experts in food technology, food chemistry, and nutrition science, co-founded the startup with a mission to address the main challenges faced by the vegan food industry: tastelessness and off-flavors. According to the team, despite the growing popularity of sustainable eating and veganism, 60% of consumers still dislike the taste of these products. However, Three Mushketeers says its innovative product offers a straightforward solution. Masking off-flavors Using a proprietary technology called “remush,” the startup processes by-products of mushroom cultivation into a savory powder that is said to effectively mask off-flavors in plant …


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The BeanMan Study in Finland Examines Effects on Male Health of Legume Protein Compared to Meat

A study conducted at the University of Helsinki showed that partial replacement of red and processed meat with foods based on peas and broad beans (also known as faba or fava beans) ensures an adequate intake of amino acids in the diet and does not negatively affect bone metabolism. “Reducing the consumption of red and processed meat in the diet to the ceiling of the Planetary Health Diet while increasing the consumption of legumes grown in Finland, such as peas and field beans, is safe from a protein nutrition perspective. Bone health is also not affected by such dietary changes,” says PhD student Suvi Itkonen from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. For the BeanMan study, 102 Finnish men followed a study diet for six …


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Onego Bio’s Animal-Free Egg White Wins Fast Company 2023 World Changing Ideas Award

Fermentation startup Onego Bio announces its development of Bioalbumen™, an animal-free egg white protein, has been selected as a winner in Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards. Bioalbumen was named the Winner of the Food category and a Finalist in the Agriculture category.  Produced with precision fermentation, Bioalbumen harnesses a scalable biotech process that uses the microorganism Trichoderma reesei. In a method akin to beer production, the microbes are fed water, sugar, and certain minerals to produce Bioalbumen powder, which is identical to egg white protein powder.  According to Onego Bio, Bioalbumen provides all the nutritional and functional benefits of egg whites without the environmental, safety and supply chain concerns of chicken eggs. The product also maintains the performance of real egg whites, including …


Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

The Founder Institute and S Group Launch Food Tech Startup Programme

San Francisco based Founder Institute, which is the world’s premier pre-seed accelerator and startup launch programme, and Finland’s leading retailer S Group, have announced the launch of a new joint start-up programme: Food Founder Programme. Based in Helsinki, it will be helping aspiring entrepreneurs within the food and agricultural sectors launch their business ideas by providing them with feedback and mentorship from over 100 food founder experts from various universities and research institutes.


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Evelyn Mora: The Future is Circular, Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Evelyn Mora is a former photographer, current board member of the Nordic Fashion Week Association, and founder of the Helsinki Fashion Week. Her work is published regularly in Vogue magazine and she actively lectures at various top-industry events and Universities. She was recently selected as Top 20 female entrepreneurs leading the nordic fashion industry by Launchmetrics.