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Manufacturing & Technology

Clextral Introduces Texturizing Tech for Realistic Meat & Fish Whole Cuts

Clextral, a French firm specializing in machinery for food production, has developed innovative equipment for producing realistic plant-based meat and fish whole cuts: Galaxy Texturation Technology. Designed explicitly for vegetable protein texturization, Clextral’s new patented technology enables the production of larger, softer, more fibrous products that mimic the texture of meat or fish without compromising production capacity: 400 kg of product per hour. Gilles Maller, Senior Vice President and Head of Clextral Americas Business Unit, commented, “Creating a great product requires a 360° view of customer expectations and a deep understanding of how the product is processed.” Flexibility for innovation Clextral says its new machinery delivers unmatched product performance by combining two processes: shear cell fibrillation and continuous extrusion. As explained by the company, by …


Michelin, Danone et al to open precision fermentation plant in France

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Danone to Open Precision Fermentation Center ‘Biotech Open Platform’ in France with Strategic Players

French dairy giant Danone, engineered materials group Michelin, the US startup DMC Biotechnologies, and Crédit Agricole Centre France have partnered to create the Biotech Open Platform. The new center will focus on precision fermentation, a technology pivotal for innovation in agri-food and materials with the potential to address the need for sustainable alternatives to animal and fossil-based products, according to the announcement. Located in the commune of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, at the Parc Cataroux Center for Sustainable Materials, an innovation accelerator supported by Michelin, the platform aims to support the development of biosolutions on a larger scale. Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of Danone: “At Danone, we have always been focused on investing in the future of food, and this partnership is the next step in this journey. …


Ancrée's plant-based caviar

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Products & Launches

Ancrée Launches the “First” French Plant-Based Caviar, Redefining Luxury with Chia Seeds & Seaweed

Lucille and Emilie Battafarano, two sisters passionate about gastronomy, applied their artisanal expertise and innovative research to craft a unique, luxurious, but sustainable condiment: a 100% plant-based caviar that they claimed to be the first and only of its kind in the country. Launched this year under the brand Ancrée, the product is crafted from carefully selected chia seeds from Île-de-France and seaweed from Brittany. The remaining ingredients, such as soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments, are all-natural options, and the recipe doesn’t include additives or preservatives. The product is not gluten-free. The new product is said to offer a refined taste and texture that mimics traditional caviar but without damage to sea life. According to the French startup, the chia seeds give the product …


Webtalk announcement "Navigating the Plant-Based Markets in Germany and France - Expert Insights and Industry Trends" - "update" the business webtalk by vegconomist
Fairs & Events

Business Webtalk: Navigating the Plant-Based Markets in Germany and France – Expert Insights and Industry Trends

An upcoming international business webtalk by vegconomist called ‘update’ will take place to discuss the most pressing issues of the protein transition. Based on the latest news, data and facts, the future of the industry will be put forward and discussed with key market players. Session 1: “Navigating the Plant-Based Markets in Germany and France – Expert Insights and Industry Trends” June 25th, 09:30 AM CT (CHICAGO) | 4:30 PM CEST (BERLIN) | 3:30 PM BST (LONDON) Comparing consumer behaviour and preferences for plant-based products in both countries Introducing plant-based highlights and innovations at SIAL Paris Highlighting key innovations, and major players driving the plant-based sector in each country Discussing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by plant-based businesses in these markets, including supply chain …



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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Plant Innovation Cluster Vegepolys Valley: 679 Members & €2.2 Billion in Investments Since 2019

France’s Vegepolys Valley is the fourth largest competitive cluster in the country in terms of members, with 679 actors from the plant sector — from genetics to products — innovating for a more competitive, qualitative, environmentally, and health-friendly agriculture. Flavie Delattre, the new president of Vegepolys Valley, told La Tribune in an interview that in 2023 alone, the membership count saw a substantial increase with the addition of 130 new players (reaching 645), indicating a genuine commitment to advancing plant-based innovation, even amid challenging circumstances. The cluster’s operations are implemented across four French historical regions — Pays de la Loire, Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Bretagne, and Centre Val de Loire. The members’ profiles are diverse, encompassing a range of plant-related companies, including VSEs/SMEs, startups, large corporations, …


Heura plant-based butcher shop

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Retail & E-Commerce

Heura Opens Itinerant Plant-Based Butcher Shop in France as Traditional Butchers Close

Paris has reportedly lost a third of its traditional butcher shops over the past two decades, and Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura is stepping up to fill the gap. The company has announced the launch of an itinerant plant-based butcher shop that will initially come to three E-Leclerc hypermarkets in France, followed by a series of other stores in the coming months. Customers will be able to try flagship Heura products such as burgers, mince, and nuggets, along with the brand’s additive-free plant-based ham. Chef Clément Werbrouck, who is the Head of Plant-Based Cuisine at Heura, will also be present to give cooking demonstrations showing how plant-based meat can be incorporated into French cuisine. Heura first launched in France in 2021, and the brand’s products …


HappyVore croq'coulis

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Products & Launches

HappyVore Aims to “End the Meat vs Vegetable War” With Unique New Products

French plant-based company HappyVore has launched two new products catering to the growing demand for plant-based foods made with less processed ingredients. Called Croq’Coulis, the products are said to provide a “multisensory experience”, featuring a runny filling and an outer layer of vegetables and pea protein sprinkled with poppy seeds. The two flavours are eggplant (aubergine) with a tomato and sweet potato filling and carrot with a coconut curry filling. Happyvore said it took inspiration for the products from an unusual source — desserts such as chocolate fondant and ice cream. On LinkedIn, CEO and co-founder Guillaume Dubois joked that the products could bring about “the end of the meat vs vegetable war” by providing plant-based options that do not directly mimic meat. The Croq’Coulis …


French plant-based egg producer Yumgo reports strong financial results

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Egg Alternatives

French Plant-Based Egg Producer Yumgo Reports Turnover of Over €1M

Yumgo, a French plant-based egg producer, has reported strong financial results for 2023 with a turnover of over €1 million. The company has also shared some impressive environmental results, claiming it has saved approximately 301 tonnes of CO2, 29,000 m3 of water, 5.7 million eggs, and 14,000 chickens since March 2020. Yumgo’s success comes in the wake of its launch across France via the distributors Délice & Création, Végétalfood and Episaveurs. The brand has also expanded internationally to Belgium, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Japan, and the US. Yumgo is now looking to raise between 3 and 5 million euros this year to recruit more staff and begin manufacturing some of its powdered egg alternatives internally. The company previously raised 1.6 million euros in 2022. “A …


Edonias's founders.

Pierre Mignon (L), Hugo Valentin, and Nicolas Irlinger © Edonia

Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Edonia Raises €2M to Redefine Plant-Based Alternatives with Umami-Powered Ingredients from Microalgae

Edonia, a French startup unlocking the potential of microalgae to create protein ingredients for plant-based foods, has raised €2 million in a pre-seed financing round led by France’s leading impact seed fund, Asterion Ventures, with participation from Bpifrance. With the new capital, the Paris-based startup will expand its technical and business teams and transition to the scale-up phase. In addition, it will gear up to launch its first product: a texturized ingredient for plant-based meat that is said to offer a meat-like texture, grilled umami flavor profile, plus 30% protein, naturally and without additives. Edonia shared: “We are proud to complete this pre-seed financing round with Asterion Ventures, France’s leading impact seed fund. Thanks to the financial support from Bpifrance, which complements this equity round, we are perfectly positioned …


La Vie sandwiches launch in multiple French retailers

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Food & Beverage

La Vie’s New Range of Vegan Club Sandwiches is “Selling Like Hotcakes” in Multiple French Retailers

La Vie™, the fast-growing French startup behind a patented plant-based recipe that replicates the taste, look, and texture of pork from pigs, has launched a range of three 100% plant-based club sandwiches: Le Parisien, Le Suédois, and Le British. The sandwiches all feature one of the brand’s two hero ingredients, the famous vegan bacon, and the more recently developed ham. The two products have both received numerous awards in France and throughout Europe, and are rich in protein, sources of fibre, and rated green on the Yuka app. Founded in 2021 by Nicolas Schweitzer and Vincent Poulichet and enjoying consistent success throughout the UK and mainland Europe, including a permanent listing on Burger King menus, La Vie is now investing in takeaway sales and the …



Ingood by Olga, a Plant-Based and Natural Ingredient for Confectionery

Ingood by Olga is the business unit dedicated to ingredients of the Olga group, a family-owned company based in French Brittany. Ingood by Olga is committed to better nutrition through plant-based foods, and they believe that good nutrition starts with taste. For example, confectionery is a fast-growing market where texture and taste play a crucial role. PEPTIPEA® perfectly meets these expectations. PEPTIPEA® is a pea protein hydrolysate derived from European yellow peas. This plant-based protein has been developed for the nutrition and food markets. PEPTIPEA® is a foaming agent and an ideal substitute for gelatine, thanks to its functional properties: – Texture improvement: thanks to the swelling properties of pea peptides, PEPTIPEA® offers a light, airy texture, perfect for marshmallows or melt-in-the-mouth sweets – Clean-label: PEPTIPEA® enables the formulation of clean-label …


Image: La Vie on LinkedIn

Politics & Law

Victory for Plant-Based Meat as French Conseil d’Etat Suspends Labelling Decree

The French Conseil d’Etat has suspended a decree banning the use of meat-like terms such as “steak” and “ham” for plant-based products. The suspension was requested by several plant-based food producers, including La Vie, Umiami, Happyvore, Nutrition & Santé, NxtFood, and Olga. The Conseil d’Etat agreed to suspend the decree, which would have come into force on May 1, on the basis that it may not be legal and could be damaging to plant-based meat producers. “The interim relief judge considers that there is serious doubt as to the legality of this prohibition,” the Conseil d’Etat said in a statement. “Pending the reply of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the interim relief judge of the Conseil d’Etat suspends the new decree, as …


OLALA plant-based seafood brand design


Marketing & Media

OLALA! Unveils New Brand Design for Alt Seafood That “Breaks Through Ordinary Taste Experiences”

French plant-based seafood startup OLALA! has collaborated with Scandinavian consumer branding and design agency Everland to develop a new brand design centred around taste. While many plant-based brands focus their marketing on the ethics of their products, OLALA! believes taste is the key to repeat purchases. The startup aims to “break through ordinary taste experiences” with products aimed at all gourmet foodies, not just vegans. The new brand design takes inspiration from bistros, with an off-white colour that resembles a tablecloth, eye-catching golden illustrations, and the O in the logo suggesting a plate. The brand name is inspired by the French phrase “Oh là là”, indicating a pleasant surprise. “When nearly all competitors focus on rationality and sustainability, we focus on the emotional aspects of …


Charcuterie company Aoste launches plant-based products

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Products & Launches

French Charcuterie Company Aoste Launches Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

French charcuterie company Aoste has expanded its presence in the meat alternatives market with the launch of a new range of products under the Better Balance brand. The range features five meat alternatives — burgers, sausages, breaded cutlets, original chunks, and chunks with herbs. They are made from ingredients such as soy, peas, wheat, and vegetable oil, and are free of palm oil. The products will be available for both retail and food service, and all five have received a Nutriscore of A. The launch is said to be Aoste’s most significant in a decade in the French market, and the company aims to achieve a 10% market share in plant-based by 2026 according to Points de Vente. Aoste will promote Better Balance through a …


Umiami has recently secured €32.5 million in funding in a Series A round, bringing its overall capital raised to an impressive €100 million in just three years.

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Umiami Opens France’s First Commercial-Scale Facility for Plant-Based Whole Cuts

Umiami, the French leader in plant-based whole cuts, announces the opening of its much anticipated first commercial-scale manufacturing plant in Alsace, Eastern France.  The French food tech company states that its plant-based chicken and fish filet production expansion will solidify its position as a key player in European and North American markets. The new factory, a former Unilever production facility acquired by Umiami in 2022, occupies a space of 14,000 m2 and has an annual production capacity of 7,500 tons, which is planned to increase to 20,000 in the future. It currently employs a staff of 53, with the potential to reach 70 employees. The acquisition and rehabilitation of the facility has been possible through a €38 million investment, the support of investors and the French …


Antoine Baule of Bon Vivant

Antoine Baule, image courtesy of Bon Vivant

Company News

Bon Vivant Appoints Antoine Baule as Chairman of its Board of Directors

Bon Vivant, a French startup in the animal-free dairy sector, announces the appointment of Antoine Baule as the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. Baule is the former director general of Lesaffre, a key player in the global fermentation industry, and brings a wealth of experience in agro-industry and biotechnology to the firm. Lesaffre has been a leader in the fermentation sector for over a century, boasting a turnover of 2.2 billion euros with operations across all continents, and a workforce of 10,700 employees. The strategic appointment closely follows Bon Vivant’s raise of €15 million in an oversubscribed equity finance round for its precision fermentation-derived whey and casein proteins aimed at the B2B dairy alternative market. The company also announced in October its intentions …


A package of La Vie's new plant-based ham

Image courtesy of La Vie

Politics & Law

Plant-Based Companies Respond to French Decree Banning Meat-Like Words on Veggie Packaging

Yesterday 27 February, the French government issued a decree prohibiting the use of words such as “steak, “ham”, “cutlet”, or “escalope” on the labels of meat-free foods. The ruling comes in response to allegations from the meat industry that such terms are confusing for consumers. Similarly, last December, the Republican (Les Républicains) party of France introduced a bill to prohibit the production and marketing of cultivated meat in the tradition-focused country. The measure seriously compromises the sales prospects of home-grown French innovations in the face of major foreign companies not affected by this new legislation, argues French vegan whole-cut leader Umiami. Despite the French government’s support for the industrialisation of the plant-based sector, including the Umiami startup factory, these regulations seriously hamper their economic development …


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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Roquette Introduces 4 New Pea Protein Ingredients for Improved Taste and Texture in Plant-Based Foods

Leading ingredient manufacturer Roquette announces the launch of four multifunctional pea proteins designed to improve taste and texture in plant-based and protein-rich foods. The French company, which currently operates in more than 100 countries through more than 30 manufacturing sites, broadens its portfolio with four specialized pea protein ingredients: NUTRALYS® Pea F853M (isolate), NUTRALYS® H85 (hydrolysate), and two textured variants, NUTRALYS® T Pea 700FL and NUTRALYS® T Pea 700M. These innovations are tailored to overcome common issues in incorporating plant proteins into food and beverage products, offering enhanced texture and protein density for items like nutritional bars, protein drinks, and plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. The NUTRALYS® Pea F853M isolate is described as offering exceptional gel strength, facilitating the creation of meat alternatives and plant-based …


France Flag

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Politics & Law

France Finally Bans “Meaty” Names from Plant-Based Labels in New Decree

The French government has finally published a decree specifying the list of names that plant-based companies cannot use to label their products, including, among many others, ‘steak,’ ‘entrecote,’ ‘ham,’ ‘butcher,’ and ‘cutlet.’ The text responds to a long-standing demand of animal agri-food players to ban meat-product names in plant-based foods, claiming that these labels mislead and confuse consumers.   France, the first country in the EU to take measures against plant-based meat labels, published the first decree in June 2022, but last year, the French Conseil d’Etat halted the process to ask the European Court of Justice if banning these names in plant-based products was compatible with the EU. However, the government revealed a renewed proposal to ban “meaty” names last September, alleging consumer confusion. Two prohibiting lists …


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Retail & E-Commerce

Carrefour Exceeds Target for Sales of Plant-Based Alternatives With €514M Turnover

French multinational supermarket chain Carrefour — one of the world’s largest retailers — has reported that it made €514 million in sales of plant-based alternatives last year, exceeding its target of €500 million by 2026. The plant-based alternatives category includes meat and dairy substitutes, as well as legumes. The latter were recently added to the scope following requests from stakeholders, and accounted for €142 million in sales in 2023. Carrefour has now increased its plant-based sales target to $650 million by 2026. The supermarket chain has also reported that 306 suppliers were part of its Food Transition Pact last year, up from 204 in 2022. The pact helps suppliers to become more sustainable through measures such as boosting biodiversity, offering healthier choices, and removing unnecessary …