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The Slovak Plant-Based Food Market Continues to Thrive According to New Report

A recent report by Jem pre Zem (I Eat for Earth) indicates that 36.8% of the population in Slovakia is either actively reducing their consumption of animal-based products or contemplating future reductions. Slovak households have notably increased their expenditure on plant-based alternatives and tofu, reaching €40.4 million in 2022. Interest in decreasing the consumption of animal-based products is widespread across all age groups in Slovakia, with the greatest involvement observed among individuals aged 25 to 34. In this demographic, 24.7% have already reduced their intake of animal-based foods, and an additional 22.9% are contemplating future reductions, with a higher propensity among women. In 2022, traditional soy products, such as tofu, tempeh, and textured soy protein, accounted for the majority (37.9%) of plant-based product purchases by …