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Products & Launches

NotCo Develops Plant-Based Turtle Soup Alternative to Combat Sea Turtle Decline

Food technology leader NotCo has created a plant-based solution to turtle soup aimed at preserving the global green sea turtle population while respecting the culinary traditions of the many countries that still consume turtle meat. The newly developed NotTurtle Soup leverages NotCo’s advanced AI technology coupled with the culinary expertise of Peruvian Chef Diego Oka to create a dish that replicates the taste and texture of real turtle meat without the turtle. Climate change and habitat loss are major factors in the decline of green sea turtles, with nesting females estimated at only 85,000, according to The Sea Turtle Conservancy. However, consumption of traditional dishes such as turtle soup continues to drive their endangerment. Despite legal protections, the demand persists, particularly in regions like Peru, …


Green Boy

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Pet Food

Green Boy Launches Global Plant-Based Pet Food Ingredients Division

Plant-based food ingredients supplier Green Boy has launched a new division dedicated to plant-based pet food ingredients, extending its operations globally. This new venture aims to provide a comprehensive range of plant-based ingredients, including starches, sweeteners, proteins, and fibers, to pet food manufacturers. The newly formed pet food ingredient sector at Green Boy will supply ingredients derived from pulses, grains, cereals, and vegetables. This includes a variety of proteins such as vital wheat gluten, pumpkin, pea, potato, and chickpea proteins. Additional offerings will include sweet potato, psyllium husk, arrowroot, and tapioca. Co-founder and owner of Green Boy, Peter van Dijken, commented, “Green Boy has always operated with the goal of accelerating the plant-based food reformation, to help with the transition from animal-based food products to …


Alternative Proteins Global event map

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Fairs & Events

The World’s First Alternative Protein Event Map by Alternative Proteins Global

Alternative Proteins Global (APG) has announced the launch of the world’s inaugural map dedicated to alternative protein events. This comprehensive tool details 161 events scheduled across the globe from April to December 2024, spanning various formats, including 100 expos, 39 conferences, 21 festivals/markets, and one more. Crafted by APG, a market research firm within the alternative protein sector, and its founder, Nicholas Dahl, the map represents a significant resource for industry professionals. The tool enables startups, established entities, investors, and various stakeholders to navigate the substantial volume of industry events worldwide, facilitating deeper engagement and understanding of the alternative protein landscape. Global reach and event diversity The map’s geographical coverage is extensive, with events listed in regions across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, …


Vegan Whole Cut Steak

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Sustainability / Environment

Study Finds Plant-Based Beef Significantly More Sustainable Than Traditional Beef

A research team from Macquarie University in Australia has conducted a comparative study analyzing papers from various countries on the sustainability and nutrition of beef versus plant-based beef, revealing some interesting results. Plant-based beef was found to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, with reductions ranging from 86% to 97% in various studies. Plant-based beef also requires less land, estimated to be less than 5%.  “Roughly 75 % of global agricultural land is for animal production while animal-based foods provide only 18 % human calories and 25 % protein in global good supply,” states the paper. The new research also shows that plant-based beef, particularly burgers, generally have lower energy and saturated fat content but lower levels of protein compared to beef. Emission sources Cattle contribute to emissions primarily …



Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Is Oat Milk Unhealthy? Examining Viral Social Media Nutrition Claims

In recent years, oat milk has risen from obscurity to become the plant-based milk of choice for many consumers worldwide, and is arguably the milk alternative most commonly offered in cafes and coffee shops. But over the past year, viral social media posts and tabloid-style news articles have claimed that oat milk is deficient in nutrients, and have blamed the milk alternative for health issues such as bloating and blood sugar spikes. Here, we take a look at some of these claims. Is oat milk high in sugar? Many oat milk brands do not contain added sugar, but the way they are produced does allow the natural sugars in oats to be absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream compared to eating whole oats. However, cow’s …


Bull in a Climate Shop report by Friends of the Earth and Profundo

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The Shocking Truth of How Subsidies Impact the Cost of Plant-Based vs. Animal Meat

There’s a prevailing narrative that plant-based meat alternatives are more expensive than meat, making them less accessible to many consumers. However, a critical, often overlooked element in this discussion is the profound impact of government subsidies on market prices. Multiple global studies and data as described below highlight a substantial gap in government support, with meat and dairy producers receiving a lion’s share compared to their plant-based counterparts. This financial imbalance, fueled by policy decisions and the formidable lobbying power of the meat and dairy industries, plays a crucial role in maintaining lower prices for animal products at the expense of plant-based alternatives.  The subsidy gap Government subsidies designed to support the agricultural sector are distributed in a manner that heavily favors meat and dairy …


A cultivated chicken product


Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Cultivated Meat Struggles to Gain Traction Among Consumers, Survey Finds

A recent Statista Consumer Insights survey has revealed that cultivated meat still struggles to gain widespread acceptance among consumers worldwide.  The survey, which included 2,000 to 10,000 adults aged 18 to 64 per country from January to December 2023, shows a varying willingness to try cultivated meat. According to the findings, in India, for example, one in five respondents expressed interest in trying cultivated meat, while only 9% of those surveyed in France showed interest in this new food concept.   In the UK, where, as reported by Good Food Institute Europe, at least 23 cultivated meat companies are working to develop slaughter-free meat, 17% of respondents said they were interested in trying it. Similarly, in the United States, where two different cultivated chicken products have …


Vegan Business Directory

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Company News

New Free International Vegan Business Directory Launches With 800+ Listings

Sisters Sam Roblett and Jane Elliott have launched an international vegan business directory to promote collaboration and support within the vegan community. The directory already has over 800 listings and boasts 150 categories; these include 12 main categories, such as Food & Drink and Beauty & Cosmetics, along with subcategories like Catering, Fast Food, and Haircare Products. It is free to add a listing or view the directory. Sam Roblett previously launched the Vegan Business Networking Facebook and LinkedIn groups, which now count over 6,500 vegan business owners and entrepreneurs among their members. She was inspired to start the groups after attending an expensive networking event where no vegan options were available, leading her to seek out other like-minded business owners. Following the success of …


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Studies & Numbers

Could Alternative Proteins Address Undernutrition in Low- and Middle-Income Countries?

A supplement published in Current Developments in Nutrition (a journal of the American Society of Nutrition) has explored the potential of alternative proteins to provide sufficient protein intake for populations in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) without the negative environmental impacts associated with animal agriculture. The supplement features eight articles discussing different aspects of the topic: Suitability of Alternative Protein Foods for Agroecological Approaches to Address Nutrition in Low- and Middle-Income Countries — Molly Gordon et al. use agroecological principles, which emphasize ecology, local knowledge, and traditions, to determine the suitability of different alternative protein sources in LMICs. Alternative Proteins in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Face Questionable Future: Will Technology Negate Bennett’s Law? — Bennett’s Law states that when incomes rise in developing countries, consumers …


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Company News

ProVeg Publishes 2023 Annual Review, Highlighting Global Expansion & More

Food awareness organization ProVeg International has published its annual review for 2023, highlighting impacts and outcomes from the past year. These include the establishment of two new global offices, ProVeg Nigeria and ProVeg Malaysia, expanding the organization’s presence to twelve countries on four continents. ProVeg now hopes to open an office in India in 2024. The organization also expanded the Veggie Challenge (which encourages participants to eat more plant-based for 30 days) to 600,000 subscribers globally. 95 teams participated in the B2B version of the challenge. Thanks in large part to advocacy by ProVeg, two-thirds of the food served at COP28 was vegetarian or vegan, and the organization has continued to work with the UN to integrate food system transformation into the climate change agenda. …


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Studies & Numbers

2024 NPD Report Says F&B Sector is Ramping Up Innovation Efforts Despite Challenges

A new 2024 NPD report conducted by global technology company TraceGains reveals emerging trends in new product development and a significant increase in innovation despite the F&B industry facing various challenges. The survey, which questioned 261 small and large brands worldwide, shows that 76% of respondents plan to increase their NPD spending in 2024, a 12% increase from the previous year. 32% of brands banking on plant alternatives When asked about which food innovation would have the most potential to drive significant industry change in 2024, more than half (60%) of brands said “better for you” formulations would be the main innovation driver, followed by sustainable packaging and plant-based alternatives (32%). Meanwhile, 26% said they would prioritize water and / or carbon-neutral strategies. ESG initiatives, …


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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

Kickstarting for Good Program Seeks Impact Entrepreneurs to Help Make Our Food System Sustainable

ProVeg International is searching for mission-driven entrepreneurs to join its Kickstarting for Good accelerator program, which aims to launch and grow nonprofits and impact initiatives working on transforming the food system. Said to be the first accelerator of its kind, Kickstarting for Good is the not-for-profit program of the ProVeg Incubator, which has worked with over 100 food tech startups over the past five years. It consists of an expert-led ten-week program featuring mentoring and networking opportunities. Participants will spend an intensive two weeks in Berlin (a grant is available to cover travel and accommodation costs) and will be teamed up with like-minded co-founders. The program will culminate in a Pitch Day. Idea areas Applicants — which may include individuals, founder teams, or existing organizations …


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Market & Trends

An Imminent Clean Food Revolution? Decade-Long Study Finds Clean-Label Products Set to Dominate in Next 2 Years

Research carried out by Ingredion, spanning over a decade, heralds a significant shift within the European food industry, with clean-label products poised to revolutionise company portfolios in the imminent future. Dubbed ATLAS, the comprehensive study was orchestrated in collaboration with Clear Seas Research, shedding light on an overwhelming consensus among European manufacturers: a staggering 99% perceive clean-label products not merely as an advantage but as a cornerstone of their business strategy. Although there is no formal definition, the term ‘clean-label’ generally refers to short lists of recognisable, natural ingredients. According to the study, clean-label products are projected to constitute more than 70% of portfolios within the next two years—a substantial leap from 52% in 2021— underscoring a pivotal movement towards transparency and ingredient simplicity. The …


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Studies & Numbers

Groundbreaking Harvard Study Outlines Clear Path to Reducing Global Livestock Sector’s Emissions by 61%

In a recent collaborative research effort led by scientists from Harvard University, New York University, Leiden University, and Oregon State University, a report has been published, presenting a clear path for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global livestock sector. The report, which claims to be the first in its field, delineates a trajectory aligning with the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, stipulating a 61% decrease in emissions by 2036. Spearheaded by Dr. Helen Harwatt, a food and climate policy fellow at Harvard Law School’s Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program, the research highlights the critical role of the livestock sector in climate change mitigation efforts. “The research findings provide much-needed clarity on a key question – what role should the livestock play …


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Market & Trends

Vegan Cheese Market to Be Worth $4.8Bn by 2028 as Consumer Values “Reshape the Landscape”

A report by ResearchandMarkets has anticipated that the global vegan cheese market will grow with a CAGR of 12.2% to be worth $4.8 billion by 2028 — up from $2.4 billion in 2022. Growth will largely be driven by an increasing consumer preference for plant-based diets, as awareness of the health and environmental issues associated with dairy products increases. Continued innovation, leading to improved and more diverse product ranges, is also boosting market growth, along with the increased availability of vegan cheeses at mainstream retailers and online stores. By type, mozzarella alternatives have the largest market share due to their widespread use in dishes such as pizza and pasta. By ingredient, cashew-based products take the lead. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the leading distribution channel for …


Jeremy Xu

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ABF Ingredients Hires Ingredion SVP Jeremy Xu as CEO

Global specialty ingredients producer ABF Ingredients has appointed Jeremy Xu as its new CEO. He will join the company on April 9. Xu is currently SVP, Chief Innovation Officer, and President of Global Healthful Solutions at global ingredient producer Ingredion. He will take over from Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, who has been CEO of ABFI since 2015 and has helped the company’s portfolio grow from four to seven businesses (AB Biotek Human Nutrition and Health, AB Enzymes, ABITEC, Fytexia, Ohly, PGP International and SPI Pharma). Xu will bring significant experience gained throughout a 30-year career at Dupont, DSM, and Ingredion. He will lead ABFI’s next phase of growth, which will involve enhancing capability in R&D and commercial activities through investment. “I have long admired ABFI from afar …


A range of different legumes

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Market & Trends

Plant-Based Protein Products Market to See Rapid Growth, With Particular Success for Pea Protein

A new report by USD Analytics has estimated that the plant-based protein products market will register a CAGR of 8.1% over the forecast period 2024-2030. The report considers the growth of meat alternatives as well as tofu, tempeh, legumes, pulses, nuts, seeds, and protein-rich grains. The key market drivers are health and wellness trends, the growth of vegetarianism and veganism, and environmental concerns. Creative marketing strategies by plant-based companies, promoting their products as healthier, more ethical, and more sustainable than animal foods, will also boost growth. As demand increases, companies are increasingly innovating and diversifying their plant-based product lines to meet consumer preferences. Meanwhile, manufacturers are investing in R&D to improve the properties of meat and dairy alternatives, working to close the sensory gap. For …


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Market & Trends

Vegan Foie Gras Market to Grow With 5.8% CAGR as Consumers Demand Ethical Alternatives

A report by FACT.MR has found that the vegan foie gras market will grow with a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period 2024-2034. The production of conventional foie gras has a high environmental impact and involves force-feeding ducks and geese, a process often considered unethical. This has led some areas, such as California, to ban animal-derived foie gras. Consequently, the market for vegan alternatives is growing, and companies are increasingly working to cater to this demand. One example is California-based The Better Meat Co, which has developed mycelium-based foie gras that has proven popular at upscale restaurants. Another Californian company, Prime Roots, has taken a similar approach with its foie gras made from koji fungus. In Europe, Nestlé’s plant-based Garden Gourmet brand relaunched its …


Thomas Cresswell

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Op Ed: Thomas Cresswell, CBO of Melt&Marble, on the Route to Market and Scalability for Fermentation-Enabled Ingredients

Thomas Cresswell has over a decade of diverse experience spanning investment banking, strategy consulting, and venture capital. He began his career in the M&A team at RBC Capital Markets in London, before transitioning to strategy consulting at Strategy& (formerly Booz&Co). Driven by a passion for food and sustainability, Thomas then embarked on a career shift, joining Cargill’s Corporate Strategy Team. Here, he spearheaded initiatives such as the global specialty fats strategy and played a pivotal role in establishing Cargill Ventures. He orchestrated over 15 investments in the agrifood sector, focusing on precision fermentation, cultivated meat, and alternative protein and fat solutions. Thomas is now the Chief Business Officer at Melt&Marble, continuing his mission to revolutionize the food system. In this piece, he discusses challenges relating …


Earth Pass

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Company News

Introducing Earth Pass: A Digital Platform Bridging the Gap Between Eco-Conscious Consumers and Vegan Businesses

In a recent development within the sustainable consumer goods sector, Earth Pass has launched a digital platform dedicated to connecting consumers with plant-based and environmentally conscious brands. Established by Noah Hyams, the founder of VEGPRENEUR, and Cara Scovazzo, the founder of Mod.Eats plant-based consulting, this platform offers a text-based service that delivers weekly discounts on products from 100% plant-based brands, providing an avenue for vegan startups to increase awareness and make their products more accessible.  Among the brands currently featured on Earth Pass are Moku Foods, Petaluma, and All Y’alls Foods. The platform offers discounts ranging from free products to 50% off in various categories, including food, fashion, wellness, and beauty, and is planning to expand its offerings by introducing in-store incentives and subscription services …