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Investments & Acquisitions

Beyond Impact Provides Funding for Vegan Collagen, Cultivated Foie Gras & More

In February of last year, Beyond Impact launched its second venture capital fund to invest in early-stage vegan and cruelty-free companies. Since then, Beyond has provided funding to eight businesses, with 60% of these described as “ingredient and technology companies acting as enablers/capacity builders to make alternative proteins more feasible, scalable, affordable, and palatable”. A recent GFI report notes that increased investment in B2B businesses focused on ingredients and equipment will be vital to help the alt protein sector scale up. Examples of the investments include: Paleo, Belgium — A precision fermentation company producing key ingredients for use in alt meat products, such as an alternative to heme. Beyond recently participated in Paleo’s €12 million Series A round. Algama Foods, France — Transforming algae into …


fermentation-derived beef fat

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Researchers Upcycle Agricultural Waste to Produce Fats for Alt Meat

Researchers from Connectomix Bio are investigating a method to transform agricultural waste into lipids for use in meat alternatives. The method will involve turning discarded parts of crops, such as corn husks, into a gas. This gas will then be used to feed microbes, which will produce lipids via fermentation. The resulting fatty acids could be added to cultivated and plant-based meats, improving their taste and texture. The researchers will tailor the lipids to particular applications, such as chicken, beef, or pork alternatives. They will also investigate different processes — for example, the biogas that is initially produced could be converted into another type of gas or a liquid to make the method more economical. Funded by GFI, the project will be run by a …




Investments & Finance

Plant-Based Industry to Flourish in Benelux With Support From Veg Capital & Kale United

UK’s Veg Capital and Sweden’s Kale United, two game-changers in the world of vegan and ethical investment, have invested in Brandplant, a Netherlands distributor of plant-based products, signalling the acceleration of vegan product availability in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The partnership between these three ethically aligned companies with an impressive combined international vegan network has huge potential for the growth of plant-based business in the three markets. The funds will be utilised to accelerate the growth of current Brandplant brands, in addition to portfolio brands of Veg Capital and Kale United, who in return will support Brandplant’s own brands in the UK and Scandinavia. “It really is a win-win situation,” states Veg Capital’s Managing Director Matthew Glover, who also co-founded Veganuary and VFC, “as …


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Company News

Vegan Fried Chick*n Brand VFC Continues Plan For Global Domination With Benelux Launch

VFC, the UK’s vegan fried chick*n company that launched just last December and saw unprecedented success in its first weeks, will launch today in retail locations across the Benelux region as part of its mission to bring VFC around the world. The plant-based chicken is already seeing retail success in Spain where it made its international debut this March. “By making great-tasting and affordable vegan meats available to all, we can help end the inhumane era of factory farming, and that can’t happen soon enough.” Additionally, 15 foodservice locations will begin to offer VFC on their menus in the region later this month via Brandplant‘s wholesale partners. Further international markets are soon to follow and will be announced soon. As we reported this March, the …