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Australia’s Magic Valley Produces Cultivated Lamb Without Animal Serum

Australian company Magic Valley has developed a cultivated lamb prototype made without fetal bovine serum. The prototype was made by taking skin cells from a living lamb and turning them into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. These cells can be multiplied infinitely and made into both muscle and fat, eliminating the need for fetal bovine serum (FBS). FBS is used by most cultivated meat companies, but has attracted ethical concerns as it is an animal byproduct. It is also very expensive and subject to variations in quality. Magic Valley claims to be the first company worldwide to produce cultivated lamb using iPS cells rather than animal byproducts. The initial prototype is in the form of burgers and tacos, and is said to look and cook …


Agri-Food Innovation Summit

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Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit Showcases Next-Generation Solutions in Cultivated and Plant-Based Food

The fifth annual Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit is set to present 50 game-changing innovators who are pioneering breakthrough technologies, among them many cultivated and plant-based companies presenting next-generation solutions. Building strong, resilient supply chains has never been more crucial, with global shocks highlighting import link gaps, rapid economic growth, and significant structural transformation throughout the area. The fifth annual Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit is set to provide a platform to unlock scalable innovation in the alt-food landscape. The event takes place in Singapore, October 26-28. Foodtech solutions Delegates can meet international start-ups in person at the Start-Up Exhibition Powered by True Search. For the innovation showcase addressing Foodtech, three cultivated and plant-based startups from the Asia-Pacific area will present their solution to a panel of …


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Australia’s Magic Valley On How to Turn Cells From “Cell Volunteer” Lucy the Lamb Into Lamb Steaks and Chops

Founded to meet the future protein demands of an expanding global population, Australia’s Magic Valley is developing cell-cultured lamb products including mince, strips, steaks and chops. With lambs currently slaughtered at an incredibly young age using traditional farming methods, its founder tells us this particular meat became the obvious choice for the company’s first product range. “There is absolutely no need for the mass slaughter of animals for food and hopefully intensive animal agriculture will soon be a thing of the past” Vegconomist spoke with Founder Paul Bevan, who says that he had become frustrated by the pace of change and effectiveness of his own activism so he turned his attention to technology, specifically the development of slaughter-free cultured meat, beginning with lamb. Utilising induced …